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Democratic Party of Armenia

The Democratic Party of Armenia (Armenian: Հայաստանի Դեմոկրատական Կուսակցություն, Hayastani Demokratakan Kusaktsutyun) is a democratic socialist political party in Armenia. It is a left-wing political party in Armenia established in 1991 by Aram Gaspar Sargsyan, the last secretary of the Soviet-era Communist Party of Armenia when the party ruled the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (Armenian SSR) from 1920 until 1990.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the Armenian SSR, the ruling Communist Party of Armenia had fallen into great disfavor. Its running secretary Aram Gaspar Sargsyan and many elements in the party dissolved the party (established in 1920) and established the Armenian Democratic Party, and assigning Sargsyan himself as the first secretary of the new party.

The Armenian Democratic Party has never been part of the government in the new Republic of Armenia. Sargsyan was a member of Parliament 2003 to 2007. The party didn't have representation in the Armenian Parliament after the 2007 elections because it could not pass the 5% threshold for parliamentary representation in the Armenian parliamentary elections of 2007.

Formation of a new Armenian Communist Party

Armenian Communist elements headed by Ruben Tovmasyan, and the loyal elite of the party, clearly unfavorable to Sargsyan's move to dissolve the traditional (historic) Communist Party of Armenia, founded in their turn in 1991, a new Armenian Communist Party (in Armenian Հայաստանի կոմունիստական կուսակցություն) to continue the communist banner in the new Armenian Republic.