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This article is about the audio equipment manufacturer. For other uses, see Denon (disambiguation).
Industry Electronics
Founded Japan (1910)
Key people
Frederick Whitney Horn, founder
Products Audio, visual
Parent D&M Holdings

Denon (株式会社デノン Kabushiki Kaisha Denon?) is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. For many decades, Denon was a brand name of Nippon-Columbia, including the Nippon Columbia record label. In 2001 Denon was spun off as a separate company with 98% held by Ripplewood Holdings and 2% by Hitachi. In 2002 Denon merged with Marantz to form D&M Holdings. The Denon brand came from a merger of Denki Onkyo and others in 1939.


The company was originally established in 1910 as part of “Nippon Chikuonki Shokai" (Japan Recorders Corporation), a manufacturer of single-sided disc records and gramophones.[1] The company was originally called 日本電氣音響株式會社 - Nippon 'DENki ONkyo Kabushikigaisha' which was shortened to the name of DEN-ON in Japanese. The company is actively involved with sound systems electric appliance production and later the company has been merged with other related companies as a result of this the company name became "Denon".

There followed a number of mergers and tie-ins over the next few decades as firstly the company merged with Japan-US Recorders Manufacturing in 1912 and then in 1928 the brand “Columbia” was introduced when the company became “Japan Columbia Recorders”. A further change of name occurred in 1946 when the company renamed itself “Nippon Columbia”.[2]

The Denon brand was first established in 1947 when “Nippon Columbia” merged with “Japan Denki Onkyo”.[3] “D&M Holdings Inc.” was created in May 2002 when Denon Ltd and Marantz Japan Inc. merged.[4]

Today, the company specializes in professional and consumer home cinema and audio equipment including A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, tuners, headphones, and wireless music systems. Denon is also known for high-end AV Receivers and moving coil phono cartridges. Two M-series models, the Denon M31 and M30, have been the most successful radio hi-fi's for the last 4 years.[citation needed] Since being released to the micro hifi DAB market, they have received several awards in Europe.[citation needed]

Product timeline

File:Denon dx1 90 c1.jpg
Denon DX1/90 audio cassette tape
  • 1910 Manufacturer of single-sided disc records and gramophones.
  • 1939 Launched first professional-use disc recorder for broadcast industry and disk cutting lathe.
  • 1951 Commenced sales of Japan’s 1st LP records.
  • 1953 Launched professional-use tape recorder for broadcast industry.
  • 1958 Introduced sales of stereo records.
  • 1959 Commenced production of open-reel audio tapes.
  • 1962 Introduced Elepian series of electronic pianos.
  • 1963 Developed the DL-103 phono cartridge.[5]
  • 1964 Started sales of audio cassette tapes.
  • 1971 Started producing hi-fi audio components, including turntables, amplifiers, tuners and speakers.
  • 1972 Introduced the world’s first viable 8 channel digital recorder.
  • 1977 Awarded US Billboard magazine's "Trend-Setter Award for outstanding contribution to the industry".
  • 1980 Awarded the 13th Montreux International Diplome d’honneur technique award.
  • 1981 Developed a professional-use CD player.
  • 1988 Introduced range of AV amplifiers to product range.
  • 1990 Awarded three component awards at Paris hi-fi show. Introduced lineup of Headphones.
  • 1993 Developed the twin deck DJ CD player DN-200F.[6] Other early models are the DN1000F, DN2000F and the DN2500F. Denon also made the world's only twin MiniDisc player designed for DJ use.[7]
  • 1994 Awarded European Audio Innovation of the Year.
  • 1999 World's first THX-EX home theater system (THX Extended to provide fuller surround sound).[8]
  • 2001 Produced first Mini system with 5.1 surround sound.
  • 2002 Denon link technology developed for improved digital connectivity.[9]
  • 2004 Launch of world's first consumer product featuring HQV (Hollywood Quality Video).[10]
  • 2006 Denon introduces the 1.5m long AK-DL1 CAT5 Ethernet cable. It was not until mid-2008 that it caused controversy because of its high price ($499) and the company's claims that the cable is "designed for the audio enthusiast," and would "bring out all the nuances" in digital audio signals transmitted over it, despite the fact that even the most poorly made ethernet cable would deliver identical quality for digital audio over a similar length.[11][12]
  • 2007 Denon releases the AVP-A1HDCI Pre-Amplifier and matching POA-A1HDCI Power Amplifier set which marks the company's first additions to a new line of high-performance custom-focused components.[13]
  • 2008 Denon announces the world's first Universal Blu-ray player capable of DVD-Audio and SA-CD playback.[14]
  • 2012 Denon introduces new headphone line with IOS lifestyle apps. Headphones are separated into different lifestyle groups as follows: Exercise Freak headphones (for sports/fitness use), Globe Cruiser headphones (for travel), Music Maniac Headphones (featuring a Flat EQ) and Urban Raver Headphones (providing enhanced bass performance).[15]
  • 2014 Denon has ventured into wireless multi-room sound systems. Recently it has launched its new set of wireless speakers named as HEOS by Denon. These have been launched as HEOS 3, HEOS 5, and HEOS 7 speakers.[16]

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