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Dense irregular connective tissue

File:Blausen 0296 DenseIrregularCT.png
Illustration of Dense Irregular Connective Tissue (Deep Dermis)

Dense irregular connective tissue has fibers that are not arranged in parallel bundles as in dense regular connective tissue.

Substances formed

This tissue comprises a large portion of the dermis.[1] This type of tissue is also in the protective white layer of the eyeball and in the deeper skin layers.

It also makes up submucosa of the digestive tract, fibrous capsules, and some types of fascia.[2] Other examples include periosteum and perichondrium and tunica albugenia.

Dense irregular tissues have fibroblasts and matrix fibers (mostly collagen) that are oriented differently, i.e., not oriented in a parallel fashion. This tissue is present in the skin.

It consists primarily of collagenous fibers,[3] but fibroblasts and ground substance are also present.[4]


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