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Devlin O'Ryan

Devlin O'Ryan
Devlin O'Ryan
Art by Keith Giffen
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4 #6 (April 1990)
Created by Keith Giffen
Tom Bierbaum
Mary Bierbaum
In-story information
Alter ego Devlin O'Ryan
Species Metahuman
Place of origin Xanthu(31st century)
Team affiliations Legion of Super-Heroes
Daily Planet
Notable aliases Reflex
Abilities Ability to reflect virtually any physical or energy attack.

Devlin O'Ryan, occasionally codenamed Reflex, is a fictional character in the DC Universe. He became a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century, during the "Five Years Later" era.

Fictional character biography

Devlin O'Ryan is a native of the planet Xanthu. His mother was the Xanthu bureau chief of the Daily Planet, and Devlin decided to follow in her footsteps and become a journalist. Obtaining an internship with the Interstellar Press, he soon found himself working out of the Metropolis offices of the Daily Planet, alongside its star reporter Iris West Allen (the widow of Barry Allen, the 20th century superhero known as the Flash). Devlin and Iris were the first reporters to expose the Dominators' covert influence (and effective control) of Earth's government. His investigation led him to Winath as the Legion of Super-Heroes was being reformed by Reep Daggle (Chameleon Boy) and Rokk Krin (Cosmic Boy), and he decided to accompany them.

When the Earth's moon was destroyed by the Dominion's Triple Strike program,[1] detonating powerspheres all over Earth,[2] Devlin was bombarded with null radiation. This triggered his dormant Metagene, granted him the ability to reflect virtually any physical or energy attack. After the teenage Legionnaires of "Batch SW6" were discovered, he formed a budding romance with the young Shrinking Violet. However, Devlin joined the adult Legion, and when the two groups parted ways, so did the young couple.

Devlin was the primary journalist carrying the story when Earth was destroyed, in a disaster reminiscent of the destruction of Krypton over a millennium earlier.[3] Afterward, he remained with the Legion until he was de-aged into childhood by the time mistress Glorith.[4]

Post-Infinite Crisis

No one named Devlin O'Ryan appears in the Post-Zero Hour or "Threeboot" versions of the Legion. However, the events of the Infinite Crisis miniseries have restored a close analogue of the Pre-Crisis Legion to continuity, as seen in "The Lightning Saga" story arc in Justice League of America and Justice Society of America, and in the "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" story arc in Action Comics. Devlin was seen briefly when multiple versions of the Legion battled Superboy-Prime, the Time Trapper and the Legion of Super-Villains.[5]


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