Diabetic foot

A diabetic foot is a foot that exhibits any pathology that results directly from diabetes mellitus or any long-term (or "chronic") complication of diabetes mellitus.[1] Presence of several characteristic diabetic foot pathologies is called diabetic foot syndrome. These are thus umbrella terms.

The most serious foot complications in diabetes are:[2][3][unreliable medical source?]


"Of all methods proposed to prevent diabetic foot ulcers, only foot temperature-guided avoidance therapy was found beneficial in RCTs" according to a meta-analysis.[5]


Culture is not necessary for initial infection, because early infection is usually due to Staphylococcus aureus and/or streptococci which can be handled by first choice of 625mg Amoxicillin Clavulanate (not Amoxicillin only) 3 times daily for 5 to 7 days.[6]


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