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A diaporama is a photographic slideshow, sometimes with accompanying audio, ranging from using only one or two slide projectors to a multi-image slideshow using a wide screen and several slide projectors (usually Kodak Carousels) connected to a central controlling device changing the slides, turning lamps on and off etc.

Also known as audio-visual in English and is making advances in many camera clubs in the United Kingdom as an art form. The Royal Photographic Society recognises it as a method of gaining distinctions at all three levels.

The word shares etymological roots with the English words diorama and panorama, both of which come from the Greek root horama, meaning "a view." Diaporama is the French word for slideshow. Robert Thuillier is considered the inventor of the technique in 1950.

Salon columnist Camille Paglia used the term as early as March 2008 when she wrote "Speaking of Edie [Sedgwick], I found this 'diaporama' tribute to her...set to a song composed and sung by Étienne Daho."[1]

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