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Diet, India

DIET or 'District Institute for Education and Training' are district level educational institutes which have been established in each district of India by the Indian government.


These DIETs have been established as centres of guidance for educational institutes and schools of a district. It also works as a platform for research and experimental work in educational domain. It also organizes programmes to train teachers for new innovations.

Departments in a Diet

These are listed as below.

  • 1 PSTE (Pre Service teacher education)
  • 2 IFIC (In service programmes Field interacation, Innovation and Co-ordination )
  • 3 DRU (District Resource Unit)
  • 4 P&M (Planning and Management)
  • 5 ET (Educational Technology)
  • 6 WE (Work Experience)
  • 7 CMDE (Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation)
  • 8 Administrative Branch

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