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Disney XD (Europe)

Disney XD is a brand owned by The Walt Disney Company used for several television channels in Europe. Primarily aimed at boys aged 6 to 14, the channels feature live-action films, animated shows as well as live-action series.[1][2] Some of these channels were known as Fox Kids until 2004 and 2005, when they were renamed Jetix. The Disney XD brand was introduced during 2009 and 2010.

Broadcast locations

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Disney XD
Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Language German (dubbed)
Broadcast area Germany
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel
Disney Junior
Disney Cinemagic
Timeshift service Disney XD +1
Website Disney XD German
Sky Deutschland Channel 522

Disney XD Germany replaced Jetix Germany on October 9, 2009. At the same time Disney XD +1 started its broadcast in Germany.


Disney XD started as Fox Kids in Germany in October 2000. It aired shows like Get Ed, Jackie Chan Adventures and others. As of its re-brand to Disney XD on October 9, 2009, it is still airing these type of shows.


When Jetix Germany was closed on October 9, 2009, Disney XD took its place. Some of the shows remaining on Disney XD from Jetix Germany included:

Current series aired on Disney XD

Upcoming series

Greece and Cyprus

Disney XD
Greece and Cyprus
Language Greek (dubbing) and Greek subtitled
Broadcast area Greece
Headquarters Athens, Greece
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel
Website Disney XD Greek
NOVA Greece Channel 501
OTE TV Channel 502
NOVA Cyprus Channel 401
OTE TV Channel 31

Disney XD launched on the 3rd of October 2009, and replaced Jetix, with Jetix's website now redirecting to the Disney XD website. Shows can be watch in Greek as well English, but advertisements are only in Greek. Disney XD is ranked second most watched kids channel throughout NOVA Greece after Disney Channel Greece. The channel broadcasts from 7:00 to 20:00 (Athens).

Current shows


In early 2010, Disney XD held a competition called "I'm in the Band", in the candidates had to answer at least 3 of 5 questions. The first prize was a Wii, followed by iPod Nanos and iPod Shuffles.

Netherlands and Flanders


United Kingdom and Ireland


Disney XD
Launched April 2000 (Fox Kids)
January 2005 (Jetix)
September 2009
Audience share 0.05% (June 2012, )
Language Italian
Broadcast area Italy
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel
Disney Junior
Timeshift service Disney XD +1, Disney XD +2
Website Disney XD Italian
Sky Channel 616 (SD/HD)
Channel 617 (+1)
Channel 618 (+2)
Streaming media
Sky Watch live
(Italy only)

Disney XD replaced Jetix in September 2009.[3]


Original series

Classical animation



Disney XD Poland
Launched April 18, 1998 (as Fox Kids)
January 1, 2005 (as Jetix)
September 19, 2009
Owned by Disney–ABC Television Group
Audience share 0.63% (2012, Nielsen[4])
Language Polish
Formerly called Fox Kids (Until 2005)
Jetix (Until 2009)
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney Cinemagic
Website Disney XD Poland Homepage

The Polish version started out as Fox Kids, launched on April 18, 1998. It became Jetix on January 1, 2005, which in turn was replaced by "Disney XD" on September 19, 2009.

Current Programming

Original Series

Acquired Series

Future Programming

  • Penn-Zero: Part Time Hero (2015)
  • Commando Crash (TBA)
  • The Savages (TBA)


Disney XD
Launched November 15, 1997 (Fox Kids)
August 28, 2004 (Jetix)
1 April 2009
Owned by Disney–ABC Television Group
Audience share 0,7%
Formerly called Fox Kids (until 2005)
Jetix (until April 1, 2009)
Sister channel(s) Disney Channel
Playhouse Disney
Disney Cinemagic
Website Disney XD France

Disney XD is a children's television programming brand owned by Disney–ABC Television Group and The Walt Disney Company broadcast in France. It was previously known as Fox Kids and Jetix.

The channel is available in France, Monaco, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Madagascar, Réunion, Mauritius and Caribbean Sea (Antilles, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique).

After rolling out Disney XD in the USA in February 2009, Disney–ABC Television Group rolled out the brand to France on April 1, 2009. France was to be the first territory outside the United States to receive Disney XD, other European areas followed during 2009.[5]


Fox Kids Spain began in 1998 as a replacement for MiniMax in Spain. After In April 1999, FOX Kids moved to a different channel slot because of the new Nickelodeon Spain channel.

It had been known as Jetix from 7 January 2005 until 18 September 2009.[6]

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