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Doctor of Social Work

The Doctor of Social Work (DSW or ProfD/DProf) is a specialist professional doctorate in social work for social workers registered with the Health and Care Professions Council in England, or the respective regulatory bodies outside England. There are also traditional PhDs, such as PhD in Social Work or PhD in Social Policy and Social Work, which is an academic degree for social workers who wish to further their careers. In the United Kingdom, there are a growing number of doctorates available to registered social workers, such as the new DClinP (Doctorate of Clinical Practice), offered by Southampton University. The PhD candidate gains experience at doctoral level in education, training in advanced practice, teaching, supervision, research and/or policy analysis and development.

The Doctor of Social Work degree or DSW is usually advanced clinical practice or research degree, with emphasis on some specialised fields, this if the difference between a PhD. As with other doctorates, a holder of a DSW is entitled to use the title 'Doctor', alongside side their medically qualified and equally, academically qualified colleagues. The DSW degree also allows current social work practitioners to gain specific knowledge or receive more specialised training in an area of practice. The curricula of the courses differ from country to country and from university to university. It can be a professional degree with which the candidate is interested in being a more qualified social worker with a deeper level of knowledge, skill or a research degree (probably the most common) in which s/he is probably more interested in research settings in social work practice, education, research and development. The degree typically leads to academic teaching or senior appointments within practice and research or to more leadership roles in practice and policy developments at a local or international level.

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