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View on Duhok with the Duhok Dam in the background
View on Duhok with the Duhok Dam in the background
Dohuk's location in Iraq

Coordinates: 36°52′N 43°0′E / 36.867°N 43.000°E / 36.867; 43.000Coordinates: 36°52′N 43°0′E / 36.867°N 43.000°E / 36.867; 43.000{{#coordinates:36|52|N|43|0|E|type:city(350000)_region:IQ|| |primary |name=

Country Template:Country data Iraq
Autonomous region 23x15px Kurdistan[1]
Governorate Dohuk Governorate
District Dohuk District
Subdistrict Dohuk Subdistrict
Elevation 1,854 ft (565 m)
Population (2013)[2]
 • Total 350,000
Postcode 42001

Dohuk (Kurdish: دهۆک‎, Dihok, Dahūk; Syriac: ܢܘܗܕܪܐ Nohadrā) is the capital of Dohuk Governorate in Kurdistan and part of Iraqi Kurdistan, with a population of approximately 350,000 inhabitants, consisting mostly of Kurds, with a significant Assyrian population. The city is encircled by mountains along the Tigris river. Dohuk has a growing tourist industry. Its population has increased rapidly since the 1990s, as the rural population moved to the cities. The University of Dohuk, founded in 1992, is a renowned center for teaching and research.


Throughout history to the present time, Duhok has acquired a strategic position historically and geographically. Between the 25th and 22nd century BC, it changed hands between the Akkadians-Assyrians, Hurrians, Gutians and Hattians, before becoming an integral part of Assyria from the mid 21st century BC until the dissolution of Assyria (then known as Athura/Assuristan) in the 7th century AD.[3] During the Assyrian period the town was named Nohadra (and also Bit Nuhadra or Naarda), where, during the Parthian-Sassanid rule in Assyria it became an eparchy within the Assyrian Church of the East metropolitanate of Ḥadyab (Arbil).[4][5]

The city became prominent again in 1236, when Hasan Beg Saifadin joined the Kurdish Badinan principality. In 1842, the principality was dissolved by the Ottomans and connected to the city of Mosul.[6]

In 1898 there were according to a report eleven small and private schools in the city, two Assyrian Christian and two Jewish schools. In 1920 there were in all of Iraq only five primary schools that were accessible for girls, and one of them was in Dohuk.

From 22 to 24 September 2005 Dohuk held a cultural festival that was for the first time in Dohuk to which Kurdish writers from all countries were invited. In 2014, the city was used to house many Yazidi and Assyrian refugees who were escaping the advance of the Islamic State.[7][8]

Educational institutions

List of current higher educational institutions in Duhok is as below:


The city is home to several sporting clubs including Dohuk SC, a professional football club that plays in the Iraqi Premier League, its home stadium can hold up to 30,000 spectators. Another football team from the city is Zeravani Football Club which plays in the Kurdish Premier League. Dohuk also has a range of other sport clubs, notably the Duhok Basketball Club. Duhok SC basketball competes in the Iraqi Division I Basketball League and successfully came third in FIBA Asia Champions Cup in 2012.

Duhok SC football club won the Iraqi premier league championship In the 2009/2010 season beating Talaba SC 1–0 to become the champions for the first time.


Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as dry-summer subtropical (Csa). The temperatures are typical to the Mesopotamia region, with extremely hot summer temperatures and mild winter temperatures. Precipitation falls in the cooler months.

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