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Dunville & Co

File:Dunville Distillery, Belfast.jpg
View of the distillery, circa 1893–1913

Dunville & Co was a company that blended pure pot still whiskey as well as import tea in Belfast. The company was founded by John Dumvill who joined William Napier of Napier & Co. The spelling of Dumvill was changed to Dunville and in 1825 the company name became Dunville & Co. In 1837, Dunville began producing its most popular whiskey Dunville's VR. The Royal Irish Distilleries were built by Dunville in 1869. The Prohibition caused Dunville to lose its America market and despite its repeal, Dunville did not recover sales in America. The last heir and chairmen of Dunville, Robert Lambart, died in 1931 leaving the company to its Directors and in 1936 Dunville & Co. was liquidated.[1]




In 2013, almost 80 years after the last Dunville's was distilled, the Echlinville Distillery revived the Dunvilles brand, and began distilling at their facility in the Ards Peninsula. [2] Previously they had purchased spirits from other distillers and aged it themselves. Their own product is expected to reach the market in 2016.


  • John Dumville (Dunville), Founder (1801–1851)
  • William Dunville (1851–1874)
  • Robert Grimshaw Dunville (1874–1910)
  • John Dunville Dunville (1910–1929)
  • Robert Lambart Dunville (1929–1931)
  • Board of Directors



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