Dura may refer to:

  • Dura (moth), a genus of moth
  • Dura, Hebron, a Palestinian town in the southern West Bank located eleven kilometers southwest of Hebron in the Hebron Governorate
  • Dura language, a critically endangered language of Nepal
  • Dura Automotive Systems, an American automotive company headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan and specializing in automobile components
  • Dura Convertible Systems, an American automotive company headquartered in Adrian, Michigan and specializing in convertible tops
  • Dura-Europos, an ancient city located in modern-day Syria, founded in 303 BCE and abandoned in 256–7 CE
  • Dura mater, the outermost of the three layers of the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord
  • Dora, Baghdad, alternately transliterated "al-Dura", a neighborhood in the Rasheed administrative district in Southern Baghdad, Iraq
  • Cișmigiu Gardens, originally named "Lake of Dura the merchant", a public park near the center of Bucharest, Romania that surrounds an artificial lake
  • A Palestinian boy who was reported as shot and killed in September 2000 in the Muhammad al-Durrah incident