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File:E-tran logo.png
Founded 2005
Headquarters 10250 Iron Rock Way,
Locale Elk Grove, California
Service type bus service, paratransit
Alliance Regional Transit
Routes 20
Operator MV Transportation[1]
161, Cosumnes River College now the 156 route

e-tran is the public transit system for the city of Elk Grove, California and parts of south Sacramento. With currently 20 local routes, it began service on January 2, 2005. Nearby Sacramento RT formerly operated bus service in Elk Grove, but it mostly consisted of express bus routes linking Elk Grove to Downtown Sacramento before that system's light rail extension was built in 2003. That converted express service from RT's operationship to the newly created e-tran service area.

In 2007, it was named "Outstanding Public Transportation System" by the APTA (American Public Transport Association).[2]


e-tran is Elk Grove's own bus system. Routes are coordinated with RT buses and light rail and South County Transit/Link (SCT/LINK) to areas outside the city. Main transfer points are at the Cosumnes River College, Meadowview Light Rail Station and Laguna Town Hall. Services are funded with Transportation Development Act (TDA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds.

Route list

  • 52 Big Horn Express
  • 53 Whitelock Pkwy/Franklin Express
  • 57 Elk Grove/Florin Express
  • 58 East Elk Grove Express
  • 59 Elk Grove Old Town Express
  • 60 Elk Grove Park & Ride Express
  • 65 Franklin South
  • 66 Elk Grove Blvd Express
  • 70 Bradshaw Express
  • 71 Laguna Express
  • 151 Stonelake
  • 152 Stonelake/Whitelock Pkwy
  • 153 Laguna West/Whitelock Pkwy
  • 154 Calvine
  • 156 Bruceville/Elk Grove Blvd
  • 157 Laguna
  • 159 Whitelock Pkwy/Franklin
  • 160 Bond
  • 162 Elk Grove/Florin


Fare structure
Group Fare Type Single Transfer Daily Pass 10-Ride Pass Unrestricted (commuter) Monthly Pass Local Monthly Pass Route Deviation Request
General Public Basic $2.25 $0.50 $6.00 $22.50 $100.00 $80.00 $0.50
Student Discount $1.10 none $3.00 $11.00 $50.00 $40.00 $0.50
Senior/Disabled/Medicare Discount $1.10 $0.25 $3.00 $11.00 $50.00 $40.00 $0.50


e-tran currently operates older Gold Coast Transit (formerly South Coast Area Transit) CNG buses from Oxnard, CA, and Akron Metro Regional Transit Authority CNG buses from Akron, Ohio painted with the e-tran paint scheme. The first of the new CNG Orion buses began arriving in Elk Grove the fall of 2008.

Inoperational Fleet

In September 2008, the original 21 hybrid-electric buses that were used when the transit system opened on January 2, 2005 were pulled from service. This was due to bus fires that happened on several occasions with only the hybrid-electric buses. These buses are now parked in a field at the e-tran matinence yard in southern Elk Grove while the Board Members try to get their money back ($10,000,000) to fix the buses.


E-Tran has its own Paratransit service called e-van. Vans painted in e-tran paint scheme (e-van instead of e-tran word on side) come door-to-door and pick disabled/ADA certified passengers that make reservations.


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