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Eastlink Wireless

Eastlink Wireless
Industry Telecommunications
Founded February 15, 2013
Headquarters Halifax, Nova Scotia
Parent Eastlink

Eastlink Wireless is a Canadian mobile phone network, serving Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Eastlink spent $25,628,000 for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum licenses covering Atlantic Canada, plus smaller communities elsewhere in Canada.[1]


Eastlink has AWS spectrum licenses to serve the entire Atlantic Canada population, plus Grande Prairie, Alberta and several small cities throughout Ontario. Combined, these markets cover a population of 4,886,983.[1] The carrier is using LTE and HSPA+ technology.

Currently, the LTE and HSPA+ networks serve Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Feature phone

The LG F4n is Eastlink's first feature phone.


Eastlink sells multiple Android and BlackBerry devices, two which are LTE-capable:

Outdoor advertisements for Eastlink show the Sony Xperia T.

In addition to the above, AWS-capable versions of the iPhone 5 may be used on Eastlink if purchased outright and unlocked from a third party.

Internet access modem

The Huawei E397 is Eastlink's first mobile broadband modem. It supports both HSPA+ and LTE.


Various services are available at Eastlink Wireless.[2]


Eastlink currently offers two plans: a low-end one with 200 local daytime minutes and a high-end one with unlimited local minutes. Both plans include unlimited local calling during nights and weekends, unlimited calling to other lines on the same account and unlimited messaging via SMS and MMS. Calling features included with both plans are Caller ID, call waiting and conference calling.

Mobile Internet

Standalone mobile broadband is available at Eastlink. Two plans are offered, allowing the customer to choose between a 3 or 5 GB access allowance.

Mobile Internet access add-ons can be added to any Eastlink Wireless voice plan. The add-ons currently feature fixed allowances of 1, 2 or 5 GB. For BlackBerry smartphones, a "Social" BlackBerry Internet Service add-on is offered. This allows unlimited access to the Facebook, Twitter and the BlackBerry Messenger app while on Eastlink's network, but all other apps can only be used on Wi-Fi.

Device subsidies

Eastlink offers a device subsidy option called the easyTab for customers with a plan costing $40 or more.


Eastlink is one of the few Canadian carriers to offer free roaming country wide on the Rogers network.


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