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Ebara Corporation

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Ebara Corporation
Public KK
Traded as TYO: 6361
Nikkei 225 Component
Industry Machinery
Founded Tokyo, Japan (November 1912 (1912-11))
Founder Issey Hatakeyama
Ariya Inokuty
Headquarters 11-1, Haneda Asahi-cho, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-8510, Japan
Key people
Toichi Maeda, (President)
Kengo Choki, (CEO)
Natsunosuke Yago, (Chairman)

11px $ 4.4 billion (FY 2014)

(¥ 448.65 billion) (FY 2014)
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11px $ 186.3 million (FY 2014)

(¥ 18.97 billion) (FY 2014)
Number of employees
15,168 (consolidated as of March 31, 2014)
Website Official website
Footnotes / references
File:Ebara Corporation Headquarters -01.jpg
Ebara Corporation Headquarters Building

Ebara Corporation is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan which makes environmental and industrial machinery such as pumps and turbines. It is the owner of the Elliott Company in the United States and Sumoto S.r.l. in Italy.[4] This company does not make food products such as barbecue sauce and teriyaki sauce- those products are made by a different company of the same name.

Ebara is divided into three main divisions:[1]

  • Fluid Machinery & Systems Company, which produces:[1]
    • Pumps: standard and engineered pumps and pumping system engineering
    • Turbines: Gas and steam turbines of various sizes, including micro gas turbines
    • Turbo-compressors, blowers, and fans
    • Chillers
  • Environmental Engineering Company, which produces:[1]
    • Water treatment and sewage and industrial wastewater systems
    • Solid waste processing/utilization systems
    • Gas treatment systems
    • Environmental remediation services
    • Plant operation & maintenance services
  • Precision Machinery Company which produces:[1]
    • CMP, Plating, and Cleaning systems
    • Dry vacuum and turbo-molecular pumps
    • Gas scrubber systems
    • Ozonized water generators
    • Chemical filters

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