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Edén Cabinet

Nils Edén's cabinet


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Date formed 19 October 1917
Date dissolved 10 March 1920
People and organisations
Head of government Nils Edén
Head of state Gustav V
Total number of ministers 11
Member party Liberal Coalition Party
Social Democrats
Status in legislature Coalition government
Previous Swartz cabinet
Successor Branting's first cabinet

The cabinet of Nils Edén was the cabinet of Sweden between 19 October 1917 and 10 March 1920.[1] The cabinet was a coalition government consisting of ministers from the Liberal Coalition Party and the Social Democratic Party, with the Liberal Coalition Party's Nils Edén as Prime Minister. The cabinet succeeded the conservative Swartz cabinet and was succeeded by the social democratic Branting I cabinet.


File:Regeringen Edén.jpg
The Edén cabinet. From the left: Petrén, Nilson, Undén, Palmstierna, Hellner, Petersson, Schotte, Edén, Thorsson, Rydén, Löfgren. Missing from the image are Holmqvist, Branting and Olsson.

The cabinet consisted of eleven ministers in eight departments. Of the ministers were nine chiefs of departments and two consultative ministers. Six of the ministers belonged to the Liberal Coalition Party, four to the Social Democratic Party and one was independent.

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party Ref
Prime Minister's Office

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Prime Minister,
Head of the Prime Minister's Office</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Nils Edén</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td><td>[1]</td>

Ministry of Justice

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Justice,
Head of the Ministry for Justice</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Eliel Löfgren</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td><td>[2]</td>

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Head of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs</td><td style="background:#DDDDDD"> </td><td>Johannes Hellner</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Independent</td><td>[3]</td>

Ministry for Army Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Army Affairs,
Head of the Ministry for Army Affairs</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Erik Nilson</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td><td>[4]</td>

Ministry for Naval Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Naval Affairs,
Head of the Ministry for Naval Affairs</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Erik Palmstierna</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Social Democratic</td><td>[4]</td>

Ministry of Finance

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Finance,
Head of the Ministry of the Ministry for Finance</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Hjalmar Branting</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>5 January 1918 (1918-01-05)</td><td>Social Democratic</td><td>[5]</td><tr><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Fredrik Vilhelm Thorsson</td><td>5 January 1918 (1918-01-05)</td><td>30 June 1920 (1920-06-30)[n 1]</td><td>Social Democratic</td><td>[5]</td></tr>

Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs,
Head of the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Värner Rydén</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>28 November 1919 (1919-11-28)</td><td>Social Democratic</td><td>[6]</td><tr><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Olof Olsson</td><td>28 November 1919 (1919-11-28)</td><td>27 October 1920 (1920-10-27)[n 1]</td><td>Social Democratic</td><td>[6]</td></tr>

Ministry of Agriculture

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Agriculture,
Head of the Ministry of Agriculture</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Alfred Petersson</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td>

Ministry of Civil Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Minister of Civil Affairs,
Head of the Ministry of Civil Affairs</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Axel Schotte</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>28 November 1919 (1919-11-28)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td><tr><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Fredrik Holmquist</td><td>28 November 1919 (1919-11-28)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td></tr>

Ministers without portfolio

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Consultative ministers</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Bror Petrén</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Liberal Coalition</td><tr><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Östen Undén</td><td>19 October 1917 (1917-10-19)</td><td>10 March 1920 (1920-03-10)</td><td>Social Democratic</td></tr>


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Cabinet of Sweden
Succeeded by
Branting I