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Eddie Fyers

Eddie Fyers
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters #3 (October 1987)
Created by Mike Grell
In-story information
Alter ego Edward Fyers
Abilities weapons master

Eddie Fyers is a fictional character, appearing in various comic book series published by DC Comics. Created by Mike Grell, he first appeared in Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3 in 1987.

Fictional character biography

Edward "Eddie" Fyers, was employed by the CIA to shoot and kill the rogue archer Shado.[1] He appeared frequently in Grell's run on the Green Arrow ongoing series, occasionally in the summer bi-weekly Green Arrow arcs with Shado. Over the course of his appearances, Fyers became less of an enemy to Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, and the two often became begrudging allies. Fyers was untrustworthy, however, and would generally leave Green Arrow holding the bag, including implicating Oliver in a terrorist attack on the Panama Canal. After Mike Grell left the Green Arrow series at issue #80, Chuck Dixon and Jim Aparo further developed the character.[2] He grew to be a father figure to Connor Hawke, Oliver's son and the second to bear the name Green Arrow. Their relationship grew after Oliver died in a plane explosion near Metropolis while fighting off eco-terrorists (vol. 2 #101).[3] Eddie had promised Oliver to look after his son if anything were to happen to him, which he did, even after Oliver returned from the dead in the Quiver storyline. Fyers was seriously injured in the mini-series Connor Hawke: Dragons Blood, written by Dixon in 2006. He had severe burns all over his body, which he had gotten by protecting Connor and Shado. He was last seen at the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary.

In other media

Edward Fyers appears in the CW TV show, Arrow as the field commander for a mercenary unit which also includes Bill Wintergreen on the same island where Oliver Queen is stranded. Fyers is portrayed by Sebastian Dunn.

He first appears in the island flashbacks in the episode "Damaged". On the island of Lian Yu, Fyers' men captured Oliver and took him to their camp. Fyers showed him an old photo of Yao Fei in a military uniform. When questioned, Oliver lied and said that he'd never seen the man, but Fyers could tell that he was lying. Oliver wouldn't recant, so Fyers instructed Wintergreen to torture Oliver. When Oliver still refused to talk, Fyers instructed Wintergreen to kill him, but he was stopped by Yao Fei. In the episode "Year's End", Fyers explains to Oliver that the Island is a prison for dangerous criminals, and that his unit was tasked to purge the facility after it was shut down. In the eleventh episode, it is implied that Yao Fei and Fyers are working together. In the fourteenth episode, "The Odyssey", Fyers instructs Wintergreen to fight Oliver but Slade Wilson intervenes, stabbing Wintergreen in the right eye and apparently killing him. Fyers reveals that he is using the island as a staging area, preparing an operation for an unknown client for a plan in which he believes is to disrupt the world's economy. It is also revealed that he is holding Yao Fei's daughter, Shado, to force him to cooperate. In the eighteenth episode "Salvation", Fyers uses Shado to force Oliver to surrender a guidance chip taken from a missile system. Slade ambushes Fyers' men, and Shado attacks Fyers. Yao-Fei takes a bullet to allow the others to escape, but they find that the chip has been stolen from them. In the episode "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Fyers kills Yao Fei after having him record a confession to the Chinese Government in which he takes responsibility for the downing of a Ferris Air flight. In "Sacrifice", Oliver diverts the missile to hit Fyers' camp, and Fyers takes Shado hostage and threatens to kill her. With Shado's secret agreement, Oliver kills Fyers with an arrow to the throat. In season 3's episode "The Magician", it is revealed that Fyers' employer is Amanda Waller, whose real plan was to kill China White.


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