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The ADAC Eifelrennen was an annual motor race, organised by ADAC Automobile Club from 1922 to 2003, held in Germany's Eifel mountain region even before the Nürburgring was built there.


Starting from 1922, the first races were held on a 33 km long combination of public roads around Nideggen, Wollersheim, Vlatten, Heimbach, Hasenfeld and other villages in the Eifel mountains, similar to the Targa Florio which was a very important race at that time, and popular in Germany due to two wins by Mercedes (still without Benz then).

In 1922, all vehicles were allowed, cars, motorbikes, and even bicycles with supporting engines. Over 100 entrants showed up to compete in the 10 lap event. The track was not paved, and muddy after heavy rains. In 1924 to 1926, the races for 2 and 4 wheels were held on separate days, and classes were introduced. Still, several fatal accidents happened. Even spectator stands collapsed, caused by stormy weather.

The unsatisfying safety situation led to the construction of the Nürburgring circuit in that area, which was inaugurated on Saturday, 18 June 1927 by the 5. Eifelrennen weekend, starting with motorcycle races. On Sunday, Rudolf Caracciola won the first car race on a Mercedes-Benz S.

The connection of motorcycle and car races was discontinued in 1974, when organisers, drivers and German motorcycle Grand Prix riders disagreed on the best way to make the track safe for both kinds of racing - with straw bales or without? As a result, international contenders for the motorcycle World Championships boycotted the races, leaving the GP wins to rather unknown Germans (even to German fans) who decided to ride anyway.

After the modern Grand Prix track was built at the Nürburgring in 1984 and F2 was replaced with F3000, the Eifelrennen was discontinued as it always was associated with the long Nordschleife.

Later, the trademark was given to a standard rounds of the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft and STW touring car racing on this short GP track. Often two separate races were held, thus two winners.

The last Eifelrennen was held in early May 2003 when several races were held, including an VLN endurance race on the 25.9 km full combined Nordschleife in preparation for the 24 Hours Nürburgring race three weeks later.

Currently there are no major race series cooperating with the ADAC to host a weekend as Eifelrennen.

ADAC Eifelrennen winners (motorcycles)

Deutsche Tourist-Trophäe (German Tourist Trophy)

  • 1922 Sixtus Meyer, Harley-Davidson 1000 ccm
  • 1923 - No Race -
  • 1924 Franz Bieber, BMW - (1000 ccm : Robert "Robby" Jecker, Harley-Davidson)
  • 1925 Paul Weyres
  • 1926
  • 1927 Toni Ulmen

ADAC Eifelrennen winners (automobiles)

  • 1922 Fritz von Opel / Hans von Opel, Opel
  • 1923 - No Race -
  • 1924 Wetzka / Haide, Austro-Daimler
  • 1925
  • 1926 Felten, Mannesmann

ADAC Eifelrennen winners (automobiles) on the Nürburgring

Year Winner Class
1927 23x15px Rudolf Caracciola Sports car
1928 23x15px O. Spandel Sports car
1929 23x15px W. Bartsch Sports car
1930 23x15px Heinrich-Joachim von Morgen Grand Prix
1931 23x15px Rudolf Caracciola Grand Prix
1932 23x15px Rudolf Caracciola Grand Prix
1933 23x15px Tazio Nuvolari Grand Prix
1934 23x15px Manfred von Brauchitsch Grand Prix
1935 23x15px Rudolf Caracciola Grand Prix
1936 23x15px Bernd Rosemeyer Grand Prix
1937 23x15px Bernd Rosemeyer Grand Prix
1938 - No Race -
1939 23x15px Hermann Lang Grand Prix
1940 - No Race -
1948 - No Race -
1949 23x15px Karl Kling Sports car
1950 23x15px Fritz Riess Formula 2
1951 23x15px Paul Pietsch Formula 2
1952 23x16px Rudi Fischer Formula 2
1953 23x16px Toulo de Graffenried Formula 2
1954 23x15px Karl-Günther Bechem Sports car
1955 23x15px Juan Manuel Fangio Sports car
1956 23x15px Walter Schock Gran Turismo
1957 23x16px Heini Walter GT
1958 23x15px Wolfgang Seidel GT
1959 23x15px Wolfgang von Trips Formula Junior
1960 23x15px Dennis Taylor Formula Junior
1961 23x16px Jo Siffert Formula Junior
1962 23x15px Peter Warr Formula Junior
1963 23x15px Gerhard Mitter Formula Junior
1964 23x15px Jim Clark Formula 2, Südschleife[1]
1965 23x15px Paul Hawkins Formula 2, Südschleife[2]
1966 23x15px Jochen Rindt Formula 2, Südschleife[3]
1967 23x15px Jochen Rindt Formula 2, Südschleife[4]
1968 23x15px Chris Irwin Formula 2, Südschleife[5]
1969 23x15px Jackie Stewart Formula 2, Nordschleife[6]
1970 23x15px Jochen Rindt Formula 2, Nordschleife[7]
1971 23x15px François Cevert Formula 2
1972 23x15px Jochen Mass Formula 2
1973 23x15px Reine Wisell Formula 2
1974 - No Race -
1975 23x15px Jacques Laffite Formula 2
1976 23x15px Freddy Kottulinsky Formula 2
1977 23x15px Jochen Mass Formula 2
1978 23x15px Alex Ribeiro Formula 2
1979 23x16px Marc Surer Formula 2
1980 23x15px Teo Fabi Formula 2
1981 23x15px Thierry Boutsen Formula 2
1982 23x15px Thierry Boutsen Formula 2, Nordschleife[8]
1983 23x15px Beppe Gabbiani Formula 2, shortened Nordschleife
1984 - No Race -
1985 - No Race -
1986 23x15px Volker Weidler DTM, GP track[9]
1987 23x15px Manuel Reuter DTM[10]
1988 23x15px Kurt Thiim
23x15px Dany Snobeck
1989 23x15px Steve Soper
23x15px Steve Soper
1990 23x15px Steve Soper
23x15px Steve Soper
1991 23x15px Klaus Ludwig
23x15px Klaus Ludwig
1992 23x15px Roland Asch
23x15px Frank Biela
1993 23x15px Klaus Ludwig
23x15px Nicola Larini
1994 23x15px Nicola Larini
23x15px Klaus Ludwig
1995 23x15px Bernd Schneider
23x15px Bernd Schneider
1996 23x15px Jörg van Ommen
23x15px Manuel Reuter
1997 23x15px Laurent Aïello
23x15px Laurent Aiello
STW Supertouring
1998 23x15px Roland Asch
23x15px Johnny Cecotto
1999 23x15px Tom Kristensen
23x15px Manuel Reuter
2000 23x15px Manuel Reuter
23x15px Manuel Reuter
2001 23x15px Laurent Aiello DTM
2002 - No Race -
2003 23x15px Gianmaria Bruni Formula 3000


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