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Einer Nielsen

Einer Nielsen (1894-1965) was a Danish physical medium and spiritualist.[1][2]

Nielsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He travelled in Europe giving séances and claimed to be able to produce spirit materializations.[3] He was discovered to be a fraud in Oslo, 1922 and in 1932. The committee from the Kristiania University in Norway in a séance discovered that the ectoplasm of Nielsen was fake.[4] The psychical researcher Harry Price sat with Nielsen in Copenhagen with "unsatisfactory results."[5] Nielsen was also caught hiding his ectoplasm in his rectum.[6] In 1932, Johs Carstensen the leader of Nielsen's spiritualist circle wrote a pamphlet which exposed his tricks.[7] Nielsen continued to work as a medium until his death but was never considered credible again by people outside of his small circle of influence. He published the book Solid Proofs of Survival in 1950.[8]


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