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Electronics Technician

Electronics Technician (ET) is a common enlisted occupation in the armed forces of many different countries. Common duties for ETs include repair, calibration, and basic maintenance of most electronic equipment.

United States Navy

There are several variations in the U.S. Navy including the standard Electronics Technician and Aviation Electronics Technician, there is also the similar Electrician's Mate and Aviation Electrician's Mate.

Australian Defence Force

In the Australian Defence Force there are five types of Electronics Technician, the Army has a general purpose Electronics Technician. The Australian Army has an Avionics Technicians trained for work on Army aircraft and the Air Force has Communication Electronic Technicians to maintain the wide variety of equipment used by the Air Force. The Australian Navy has Electronics Technicians as well but they specialize in one of four streams(Communications, Fire Control, Systems and Weapons). There are also Electronics Technician Submariners in the Navy.

Royal Canadian Navy

In the Canadian Forces, Naval Electronics Technicians are subdivided into three groups Sonar, Radar, and Communications. They are responsible for repair and maintenance of the equipment relating to their specialty.


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