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Endemic goitre

Endemic goitre
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A woman, probably from inland of Norway, with goiter, probably due to iodine deficiency.
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 E01.0-E01.2
ICD-9 240.9
DiseasesDB 4222
NCI Endemic goitre
Patient UK Endemic goitre
MeSH D006043

Endemic goitre is a type of goitre that is associated with dietary iodine deficiency.[1] [2]

Some inland areas where soil and water lacks in iodine compounds and consumption of marine foods is low are known for higher incidence of goitre. In such areas goitre is said to be "endemic".

This type of goitre is easily preventable. In most developed countries regulations have been put into force by health policy institutions requiring salt, flour or water to be fortified with iodine.[citation needed]

Treatment of endemic goitre is medical with iodine and thyroxine preparations. Surgery is only necessary in cases where complicated by significant compression of nearby structures.


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