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Epiglottal flap

Not to be confused with Pharyngeal flap surgery.
Epiglottal flap
IPA number 173 + 432
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An epiglottal or pharyngeal flap is not known to exist as a phoneme in any language. However, it exists as the intervocalic voiced allophone of the otherwise voiceless epiglottal stop /ʡ/ of Dahalo and perhaps of other languages.[1] It may also exists in Iraqi Arabic, where the consonant 'ayn is too short to be an epiglottal stop, but has too much of a burst to be a fricative or approximant.[2]

There is no dedicated symbol for this sound in the IPA, but it can be transcribed by adding a "short" (or non-syllabic) diacritic to the symbol for the stop, ʡ̯. (The diacritic is here placed under rather than above the letter to avoid the ascender.)


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