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Ethylene-responsive element binding protein

Ethylene-responsive element binding protein
NMR structure of the GCC-BOX binding domain of EREBP (green) complexed with DNA (brown) based on the PDB 1GCC coordinates.
Symbol EREBP
Entrez 827464
UniProt O80337
AP2 domain
File:PDB 3gcc EBI.jpg
Structure of the GCC-box binding domain.[1]
Symbol AP2
Pfam PF00847
Pfam clan CL0081
InterPro IPR001471
SCOP 3gcc

Ethylene-responsive element binding protein (EREBP) is a homeobox gene from Arabidopsis thaliana and other plants which encodes a transcription factor.[2] EREBP is responsible in part for mediating the response in plants to the plant hormone ethylene.[3][4]


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