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EuroCup Women

EuroCup Women
Current season, competition or edition:
31px 2014–15 EuroCup Women
Official logo of the EuroCup Women
Sport Basketball
Founded 2002
No. of teams 31
Country FIBA Europe members
Continent 23x15px Europe
Most recent champion(s) 23x15px ESB Villeneuve-d'Ascq (1st title)
Most titles 23x15px Dynamo Moscow (3 titles)

The EuroCup Women (officially FIBA EuroCup Women) is the second-caliber professional basketball league with teams from European clubs from national leagues joined in FIBA Europe. It succeeds the Ronchetti Cup.


System of competition

As for the EuroLeague Women, the EuroCup had a Final Four to appoint the winner from 2003 (year of creation) to 2005. In 2006, this system is abandoned and we go back to the former format of the Ronchetti Cup, that is to say a final in a home and away game.

EuroCup winners

Year Place (Final Four) Winner Runner-Up 1st game 2nd game
2002–03 23x15px Samara 23x15px Pays d'Aix-en-Provence 23x15px CB Islas Canarias 80–71 -
2003–04 23x15px İstanbul 23x15px Baltiyskaya Zvezda Saint Petersburg 23x15px Szolnoki MÁV Coop 68–64 -
2004–05 23x15px Naples 23x15px Phard Napoli 23x15px Fenerbahçe İstanbul 53–45 -
2005–06 23x15px Spartak Moscow Region 23x15px Pays d'Aix-en-Provence 80–*65 *72–66
2006–07 23x15px Dynamo Moscow 23x15px CA Faenza 74–*61 *76–56
2007–08 23x15px Beretta Famila Schio 23x15px BC Moscow *87–67 78–*69
2008–09 23x15px Galatasaray SK 23x15px Cras Basket Taranto 55–*67 *82–61
2009–10 23x15px Athinaikos 23x15px Nadezhda Orenburg 65–*57 53–*57
2010–11 Template:Country data Israel Elitzur Ramla 23x15px ASPTT Arras *61–61 *53–61
2011–12 23x15px Dynamo Kursk 23x15px Kayseri Kaski S.K. 55–*69 *75–52
2012–13 23x15px Dynamo Moscow 23x15px Kayseri Kaski S.K. *66–61 70–*74
2013–14 23x15px Dynamo Moscow 23x15px Dynamo Kursk *97–65 61–*85
2014–15 23x15px ESB Villeneuve-d'Ascq 23x15px Royal Castors Braine 64–*68 *73–53

* precedes the score of the team playing at home.

Titles by country

Country Won Runner-up Finals
23x15px Russia
<center>3 <center>9
23x15px Italy <center>2 <center>2 <center>4
23x15px Turkey <center>1 <center>3 <center>4
23x15px France <center>2 <center>2 <center>4
23x15px Greece <center>1 <center>0 <center>1
Template:Country data Israel Israel <center>1 <center>0 <center>1
23x15px Hungary <center>0 <center>1 <center>1
23x15px Spain <center>0 <center>1 <center>1
23x15px Belgium <center>0 <center>1 <center>1

Titles By Club

Rank Club Country Won Runner up
1 Dynamo Moscow 23x15px Russia 3 0
2 Aix-en-Provence 23x15px France 1 1
Dynamo Kursk 23x15px Russia 1 1
4 Baltiyskaia Zvezda Saint Petersburg 23x15px Russia 1 0
Spartak Moscow 23x15px Russia 1 0
Beretta Famila Schio 23x15px Italy 1 0
Phard Napoli 23x15px Italy 1 0
Sony Athinaikos Athens 23x15px Greece 1 0
Elitzur Ramla Template:Country data Israel 1 0
Galatasaray SK 23x15px Turkey 1 0
ESB Villeneuve-d'Ascq 23x15px France 1 0
12 Kayseri Kaski S.K. 23x15px Turkey 0 2
13 Nadezhda Orenburg 23x15px Russia 0 1
BC Moscow Region 23x15px Russia 0 1
CA Faenza 23x15px Italy 0 1
Taranto Cras Basket 23x15px Italy 0 1
Fenerbahçe 23x15px Turkey 0 1
ASPTT Arras 23x15px France 0 1
CB Islas Canarias 23x15px Spain 0 1
Szolnoki MÁV Coop 23x15px Hungary 0 1
Royal Castors Braine 23x15px Belgium 0 1

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