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European Parliament election, 1984 (France)

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In 1984 the second direct elections to the European Parliament were held in France. Four parties were able to win seats: an alliance of the centre right Union for French Democracy and the Gaullist Rally for the Republic, the Socialist Party and the French Communist Party, and the Front National. 56.7% of the French population turned out on election day.

The result was the first time the far-right Front National obtained important results- this time 10.8% and close to the declining French Communist Party.


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National party European party Main candidate Votes  % +/− Seats +/−
Union for French Democracy (UDF) + Rally for the Republic (RPR) Simone Veil 8,683,596 43.03 41
Socialist Party (PS) Lionel Jospin 4,188,875 20.76 20
Communist Party (PCF) Georges Marchais 2,261,312 11.21 10
National Front (FN) Jean-Marie Le Pen 2,210,334 10.95 10
The Greens (VERTS) Didier Anger 680,080 3.37 0
UCR + Ecologists + MRG François Doubin
Brice Lalonde
Olivier Stirn
670,474 3.32 0
Workers' Struggle (LO) Arlette Laguiller 417,702 2.07 0
Union for French Democracy dissidents (UDF diss.) Francine Gomez 382,404 1.89 0
Others 0
Valid votes 20,180,934 96.47
Blank and invalid votes 737,838 3.53
Totals 20,918,772 100 81 0 11px
Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout 36,880,688 56.72

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