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European Union of Gymnastics

European Union of Gymnastics
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The European Union of Gymnastics (French: Union Européenne de Gymnastique) is one of four continental unions that represents the interests of Europe in the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique. It was formed in 1982.


The European Union of Gymnastics organises European Gymnastics Championships for each of the gymnastic disciplines, the main events are:

Discipline Competition First held Current Frequency
Artistic gymnastics European Artistic Gymnastics Championships (both Men's and Women's) 1955 (men) / 1957 (women) Annually
Rhythmic gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships 1978 Annually
Trampoline European Trampoline Championships 1969 Biennially

Member federations

As of 2008, the union consists of 47 member federations

Federation Country Year joined
Royal Belgian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Belgium 1982
Danish Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Denmark 1982
Royal Spanish Federation of Gymnastics 23x15px Spain 1982
France Gymnastics Federation 23x15px France 1982
British Gymnastics 23x15px United Kingdom 1982
Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union 23x15px Netherlands 1982
Italian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Italy 1982
Gymnastics Federation of Luxembourg 23x15px Luxembourg 1982
Norwegian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Norway 1982
Gymnastics Federation of Portugal 23x15px Portugal 1982
23x15px West Germany 1982
San Marino Gymnastic Federation 23x15px San Marino 1982
Swedish Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Sweden 1982
Swiss Gymnastics Federation 23x16px  Switzerland 1982
Turkish Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Turkey 1982
Liechtenstein Gymnastics and Athletics Association 23x15px Liechtenstein 1983
23x15px Czechoslovakia 1983
Austrian Association for Gymnastics 23x15px Austria 1984
Finnish Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Finland 1984
Hungarian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Hungary 1984
23x15px East Germany 1985
Bulgarian Gymnastic Federation 23x15px Bulgaria 1985
Polish Gymnastic Association 23x15px Poland 1986
Cyprus Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Cyprus 1986
Hellenic Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Greece 1986
Gymnastics Ireland 23x15px Ireland 1986
Iceland Gymnastics Federation Template:Country data Iceland 1986
23x15px Soviet Union 1986
Romanian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Romania 1987
23x15px Yugoslavia 1987
Andorran Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Andorra 1989
Monégasque Federation of Gymnastics 23x15px Monaco 1989
Israel Gymnastics Association Template:Country data Israel 1989
Belarus Gymnastics Association 23x15px Belarus 1992
Estonian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Estonia 1992
Latvia Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Latvia 1992
Lithuanian Gymnastic Federation 23x15px Lithuania 1992
Russian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Russia 1992
Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Ukraine 1992
Gymnastics Federation of Slovenia 23x15px Slovenia 1992
Croatian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Croatia 1992
Albanian Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Albania 1993
Gymnastic Federation of Armenia 23x15px Armenia 1993
United Gymnastics Federation of Georgia 23x15px Georgia 1993
Gymnastics Federation of Slovakia 23x15px Slovakia 1993
Czech Gymnastic Federation 23x15px Czech Republic 1993
Union of Gymnastics Federations of the Republic of Moldova 23x15px Moldova 1993
23x15px Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995
Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation 23x15px Azerbaijan 1996
Federation of Gymnastics Sports of Macedonia 23x15px Macedonia 2002

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