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Evergreen Terrace

This article is about the melodic hardcore band. For the fictional street address in Springfield of the Simpson family, see 742 Evergreen Terrace.

Evergreen Terrace
Origin Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Genres Melodic hardcore, metalcore, melodic metalcore
Years active 1999–present
Labels Metal Blade, Mind Over Matter, Eulogy, Indianola, Rise, Hand of Hope
Associated acts Casey Jones, Stick to Your Guns, Me and Mark, Rifles at Recess, Love is Red
  • Craig Chaney
  • Alex Varian
  • Jason Southwell
  • Brad Moxey
Past members
  • Kyle "Butters" Mims
  • Chris Andrews
  • Joshua "Woody" Willis
  • Joshua Smith
  • Christopher "Panama" Brown
  • Josh James
  • Caleb James
  • Andrew Carey
  • Evergreen Terrace is a five-piece American melodic hardcore/metalcore band from Jacksonville, Florida. Formed in 1999, they are named after the street inhabited by The Simpsons. The band's sixth and latest studio album Dead Horses was released on December 10, 2013 via Rise Records.


    Formed in 1999 by Josh James (guitar), Andrew Carey (vocals), Josh "Woody" Willis (guitar), Josh Smith (bass) and Christopher Brown (drums), the band released one Demo-EP and a Split-EP together with 'Cordelle' within the first year of being a band. Within 8 months of the beginning of the band Woody and Josh Smith were replaced by Craig Chaney (guitar/vocals) and Jason Southwell (bass). In 2001 their debut-album Losing All Hope Is Freedom was released via Indianola Records on July 31. Under the same label they released a Split-EP together with xOne Fifthx, on May 20, 2002 titled xOne Fifthx vs. Evergreen Terrace. Shortly after the release of the split Josh James (guitar) joined xOne Fifthx and continued playing with Evergreen Terrace.

    Later in 2002 they signed with Eulogy Recordings and released their second studio-album Burned Alive by Time on November 26. After a number of long tours they released a cover-album titled Writer's Block in February 2004. The album includes songs from bands like U2, Smashing Pumpkins, and Tears for Fears. In July they released At Our Worst which contained live performances, as well as B-Sides from Burned Alive by Time and the 4 tracks from the self released Demo-EP. At Our Worst was released on Hand of Hope Records, a label started by drummer Chris Brown and Eulogy owner John Wylie. 2004 was also the year the band started touring outside of USA and Canada.

    In 2005 they released a live-DVD called Hotter! Wetter! Stickier! Funner!. The same year they released their third studio-album entitled Sincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This Business on June 21. Shortly after, drummer Christopher Brown left the band and replaced by Kyle Mims. The next few years were spent touring non-stop, world wide. Including tours with As I Lay Dying, Rise Against, Hatebreed and more.

    In February 2007 they signed under High Impact Recordings a Metal Blade Records-sub label founded by As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis. Later on July 24, their fourth album Wolfbiker was released. They attended Warped Tour 2008.

    In 2008 the band released Blowing Chunks which contained two unreleased songs from the Wolfbiker studio sessions. It is available on 7" vinyl and digital download only.

    On September 25, 2009 they released their fifth album Almost Home, featuring guest vocals from Tim Lambesis on the track God Rocky, Is This Your Face?. In December 2009 they went on their Almost Homeless tour together with For the Fallen Dreams and Asking Alexandria. For 2010 the band is mostly on tour. In March the band released a cover song track titled "Everlong" from the band Foo Fighters. In May they went on their 'Cheer Up Emu Kid' tour in Australia, together with Josh's side project Casey Jones and Dropsaw. In summer they were also playing with other bands like Caliban, Death Before Dishonor and As I Lay Dying on With Full Force in Germany.

    In December 2010 they attended the European Persistence Tour 2010, together with Sick of it All, Casey Jones, Unearth and others.

    Summer 2011 found Evergreen Terrace on tour with Bury Your Dead, For the Fallen Dreams, and several other bands.

    In the fall of 2012, the band announced via their Facebook page that Josh James has left Evergreen Terrace to play full time with Stick To Your Guns, ex-bassist Jason Southwell has rejoined the band,[1] and that they have split with Metal Blade Records. They recently signed a label deal with Rise Records.[2] On October 22, 2013 the band announced over Facebook, that their sixth record, titled Dead Horses, will be released under Rise Records on December 10, 2013.

    Brad Moxey was seriously injured on February 8, 2015 causing the band to cancel their upcoming tour.

    On June 1, 2015 Andrew Carey announced he had quit Evergreen Terrace after 15 years as their vocalist. [3] It is yet to be determined if the existing members will continue on without him, although in a statement from Evergreen Terrace on facebook, they say they have been playing shows without Andrew for 'quite a while'. They cite Andrews focus on a career in nursing as the reason he hasn't been playing shows with the band but are unclear if his focus on his career is also the reason for him deciding to leave Evergreen Terrace. [4]

    A statement from Andrew Carey says "I quit Evergreen Terrace. As Danny Glover would often say in the hit movies from the 90's, Lethal Weapon 1, 2, and 3, 'I'm getting too old for this shit.' Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the years."[5]



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    Studio albums

    Year Title Label Chart peaks
    US Heatseekers[6] US Indie[7]
    2001 Losing All Hope Is Freedom Indianola Records
    2002 Burned Alive by Time Eulogy Recordings
    2005 Sincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This Business 23
    2007 Wolfbiker Metal Blade Records 13 34
    2009 Almost Home 17
    2013 Dead Horses Rise Records 19


    Year Album Label
    2004 Writer's Block Eulogy
    At Our Worst

    Extended plays

    Year Album Label Notes
    2000 Evergreen Terrace Self-released Songs later released on the At Our Worst compilation
    2003 XOne FifthX vs. Evergreen Terrace Indianola Split with xOne Fifthx


    Year Song
    2008 "Blowing Chunks"
    2010 "Everlong" (Foo Fighters cover)
    2013 "Dead Horses"/"I Want to Conquer the World"

    Music videos

    Year Song Album
    2006 "New Friend Request" Sincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This Business
    2007 "Chaney Can't Quit Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton" Wolfbiker
    2010 "Sending Signals" Almost Home
    "Enemy Sex"
    "Mario Speedwagon"
    2014 "Dead Horses" Dead Horses


    Date of Release Title label
    January 4, 2005 Hotter! Wetter! Stickier! Funner! Eulogy Recordings