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Evil Laugh

For a type of laugh, see Evil laughter.
Evil Laugh
Directed by Dominick Brascia
Produced by Johnny Venocur
Written by Steven Baio
Starring Myles O'Brien,
Dominick Brascia,
Jerold Pearson,
Kim McKamy
Distributed by Cinevest Entertainment Group/Baio-Brascia-Venokur Productions/Wildfire Productions/Celebrity Video Presentations
Release dates
March 1988
Running time
87 mins
Country USA
Language English

Evil Laugh is an independent film/horror film/splatter/slasher that touched on a tongue-in-cheek approach, with avid Fangoria reader Barney providing the voice of reason.


Actor / Actress Character
Kim McKamy Connie
Steven Baio Johnny
Tony Griffin Sammy
Jerold Pearson Barney
Myles O'Brien Mark
Jody Gibson Tina
Howard Weiss Mr. Burns
Karyn O'Bryan Betty
Susan Grant Sadie
Gary Hays Jerry
Hal Shafer Chief Cash
Johnny Venocur Freddy
Tom Shell Delivery Boy
Dominick Brascia Evil Laugher

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