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FC Volendam

FC Volendam
Full name Football Club Volendam
Nickname(s) Palingboeren, Wijdbroeken, Het Andere Oranje
(The Other Oranje)
Founded June 1, 1977; 38 years ago (1977-06-01)
Ground Kras Stadion
Ground Capacity 6,984
Chairman Henk Kras
Manager Hans de Koning
League Eerste Divisie
2014–15 Eerste Divisie, 5th
Website Club home page

Football Club Volendam is a Dutch football club based in Volendam, Edam-Volendam, North Holland. Founded on June 1, 1977, as a result of a split up with RKSV (founded 1920).[1] It currently plays in the Eerste Divisie, holding home games at Kras Stadion, with a 6,984-seat capacity.


Football Club Volendam was founded as Victoria on June 1, 1920 by local fishermen. By 1923, the club had already been renamed to its most famous denomination. In 1977 RKSV Volendam split up in RKSV (non-pro) en FC Volendam (pro), this situation is still actual today.

Being from the piously catholic village of Volendam, the club quickly joined the Catholic Football Association of the Netherlands. In 1935 and 1938, Volendam won that competition and, in the Second World War, was forced by the nazis to join the KNVB. In 1955, the club joined the professional football league, soon establishing its reputation as the Heen-en-weer club (the back-and-forth club) due to the many times the club was promoted and relegated throughout its history.

Throughout the years, Volendam spawned many talented players, such as Wim Jonk, Edwin Zoetebier, Arnold and Gerrie Mühren and Henk Veerman. The club also has an accomplished scouting and youth system, which spreads across many different countries.



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 from:01/01/1991 till:01/01/1992  shift:(0,-4) text:13
 from:01/01/1992 till:01/01/1993  shift:(0,-4) text:6
 from:01/01/1993 till:01/01/1994  shift:(0,-4) text:11
 from:01/01/1994 till:01/01/1995  shift:(0,-4) text:11
 from:01/01/1995 till:01/01/1996  shift:(0,-4) text:16
 from:01/01/1996 till:01/01/1997  shift:(0,-4) text:14
 from:01/01/1997 till:01/01/1998  shift:(0,-4) text:18
 from:01/01/1998 till:01/01/1999  shift:(0,-4) text:8
 from:01/01/1999 till:01/01/2000  shift:(0,-4) text:17
 from:01/01/2000 till:01/01/2001  shift:(0,-4) text:5
 from:01/01/2001 till:01/01/2002  shift:(0,-4) text:6
 from:01/01/2002 till:01/01/2003  shift:(0,-4) text:6
 from:01/01/2003 till:01/01/2004  shift:(0,-4) text:17
 from:01/01/2004 till:01/01/2005  shift:(0,-4) text:5
 from:01/01/2005 till:01/01/2006  shift:(0,-4) text:3
 from:01/01/2006 till:01/01/2007  shift:(0,-4) text:4
 from:01/01/2007 till:01/01/2008  shift:(0,-4) text:1
 from:01/01/2008 till:01/01/2009  shift:(0,-4) text:18
 from:01/01/2009 till:01/01/2010  shift:(0,-4) text:16
 from:01/01/2010 till:01/01/2011  shift:(0,-4) text:6
 from:01/01/2011 till:01/01/2012  shift:(0,-4) text:12
 from:01/01/2012 till:01/01/2013  shift:(0,-4) text:2
 from:01/01/2013 till:01/01/2014  shift:(0,-4) text:9
 from:01/01/2014 till:01/01/2015  shift:(0,-4) text:5
from:01/01/1990 till:01/01/1998  color:bl2  shift:(0,13)  text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/1998 till:01/01/2003  color:bl1  shift:(0,13)  text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/2003 till:01/01/2004  color:bl2  shift:(0,13)  text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/2004 till:01/01/2008  color:bl1  shift:(0,13)  text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/2008 till:01/01/2009  color:bl2  shift:(0,13)  text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/2009 till:01/01/2015  color:bl1  shift:(0,13)  text: "Eerste Divisie"


Domestic Results

Below is a table with Volendam's domestic results since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956.

Current squad

As of 1 November 2014

For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2014

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
23x15px GK Mitchell Michaelis
23x15px GK Jordi van Stappershoef
23x15px GK Theo Timmermans
23x15px GK Theo Zwarthoed
23x15px DF Sofian Akouili
23x15px DF Bowedee Burleson
23x15px DF Raoul Esseboom
23x15px DF Ties Evers
23x15px DF Jermano Lo Fo Sang
23x15px DF Gijs Luirink
23x15px DF Henny Schilder (captain)
23x15px DF Erik Schouten
23x15px DF Boyd Stevens
23x15px DF Oscar Wilffert
23x15px MF Liban Abdulahi
23x15px MF Kevin Brands (on loan from Willem II)
23x15px MF Rafik El Hamdi
No. Position Player
23x15px MF Raymond Fafiani
23x15px MF Carlos Groen
23x15px MF Johan Keizer
23x15px MF Dylan Mertens
23x15px MF Denzel Prijor
23x15px MF Tom Overtoom
23x15px MF Danny Tol
23x15px MF Kevin Wattamaleo
23x15px FW Kevin van Kippersluis
23x15px FW Jessey Kuiper
23x15px FW Brandley Kuwas
23x15px FW Ludcinio Marengo
23x15px FW Guyon Philips (on loan from Go Ahead Eagles)
23x15px FW Genridge Prijor
23x15px FW Daniel van Son
23x15px FW Bert Steltenpool

Former managers


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