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FIBA Americas

FIBA Americas
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Type Sports federation
Headquarters San Juan, Puerto Rico
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44 national associations
Official language
English and Spanish
Horacio Muratore (acting) Usie Richards (elect)
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Formerly called
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FIBA Americas is a zone within FIBA (International Basketball Federation) which contains the 44 FIBA Federations located in the Americas. FIBA Americas is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The current FIBA Americas President elect is Usie Richards of the United States Virgin Islands.

National teams

Top ten FIBA America's teams

Rank Team Points
1 23x15px United States 1040.0
3 23x15px Argentina 455.0
9 23x15px Brazil 277.0
15 23x15px Puerto Rico 110.0
19 23x15px MexicoC 84.2
20 23x15px Dominican Republic 77.2
25 23x15px Canada 49.0
26 23x15px Uruguay 40.0
29 23x15px Venezuela 31.2
33 23x15px Panama 25.6
C Current zone champion

FIBA Americas competitions

FIBA Americas regional competitions

Current champions

Men's Women's U-18 Men's U-18 Women's U-16 Men's U-16 Women's
23x15px Mexico 23x15px Brazil 23x15px USA 23x15px USA 23x15px USA 23x15px USA

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