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FIBA Europe

FIBA Europe
Motto We Are Basketball
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Type Sports Federation
Headquarters Munich, Germany
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52 national associations
Official language
23x15px Turgay Demirel [1]
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Formerly called
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FIBA Europe is a zone within the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) which includes all 52 national European basketball federations.


National Teams

Current champions

Men's Women's U-20 Men's U-20 Women's U-18 Men's U-18 Women's U-16 Men's U-16 Women's
23x15px France 23x15px Spain 23x15px Turkey 23x15px France 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Russia 23x15px France 23x15px Russia


NOTE: The men's Euroleague is not operated by FIBA Europe, but rather by Euroleague Basketball (company). The preliminary rounds of the Eurocup are operated by FIBA Europe, and the competition proper is operated by Euroleague Basketball. Both the Euroleague and Eurocup are sanctioned by FIBA and play under FIBA rules.

Current champions

Euroleague Eurocup EuroChallenge Euroleague Women Eurocup Women Supercup Women
23x15px Real Madrid 23x15px Valencia BC 23x15px Reggiana 23x15px Galatasaray 23x15px Dynamo Moscow 23x15px UMMC Ekaterinburg

Defunct club competitions

National teams

Elite teams participating in the FIBA EuroBasket

Teams participating in the FIBA European Championship for Small Countries

1-Temporarily part of the British basketball structure for the 2012 Summer Olympics. 2-Officially recognised by FIBA as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Teams currently not participating in FIBA Europe-sanctioned tournaments

Top FIBA Europe teams

Further information: FIBA World Rankings
Rank Team Points
2 23x15px Spain 705
4 23x15px Lithuania 447
5 23x15px FranceC 360
6 23x15px Russia 353
7 23x15px Serbia 344
8 23x15px Turkey 284
10 23x15px Greece 226
12 23x15px Croatia 182
13 23x15px Slovenia 168
18 23x15px Germany 89
22 23x15px Great Britain 68
32 23x15px Macedonia 26
35 23x15px Finland 25
36 23x15px Italy 23
C Current zone champions

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