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FIFA Congress

The FIFA Congress is the supreme legislative body of the International Federation of Association Football (French: Fédération Internationale de Football Association), commonly known by the acronym FIFA /ˈffə/. FIFA is the international governing body of association football, futsal and beach football.

The congress may be ordinary or extraordinary. An ordinary congress meets every year, an extraordinary congress may be convened by the FIFA Executive Committee at any time with the support of one fifth of the members of FIFA.[1]

Each of the 209 members of FIFA have one vote in the congress. The members of FIFA can propose candidates for the presidency of FIFA. The FIFA Presidential election takes place at the congress in the year following the FIFA World Cup.[1]


The FIFA congress has been held annually since 1998. It was previously held every two years. Congresses were not held between 1915–1922 and 1939–1945 due to the First and Second World Wars.

FIFA Presidential elections have taken place at the 1st, 3rd, 12th, 29th, 30th, 39th, 51st, 53rd, 61st and 65th congresses. The 1961 FIFA extraordinary congress in London elected Stanley Rous as President.[2]

List of congresses

Congress number Year City
1st 1904 23x15px Paris
2nd 1905
3rd 1906 23x16px Berne
4th 1907 23x15px Amsterdam
5th 1908 23x15px Vienna
6th 1909 23x15px Budapest
7th 1910 23x15px Milan
8th 1911 23x15px Dresden
9th 1912 23x15px Stockholm
10th 1913 23x15px Copenhagen
11th 1914 23x15px Christiana (Oslo)
12th 1923 23x16px Geneva
13th 1924 23x15px Paris
14th 1925 23x15px Prague
15th 1926 23x15px Rome
16th 1927 23x15px Helsinki
17th 1928 23x15px Amsterdam
18th 1929 23x15px Barcelona
19th 1930 23x15px Budapest
20th 1931 23x15px Berlin
21st 1932 23x15px Stockholm
22nd 1934 23x15px Rome
23rd 1936 23x15px Berlin
24th 1938 23x15px Paris
25th 1946 23x15px Luxembourg
26th 1948 23x15px London
27th 1950 23x15px Rio de Janeiro
28th 1952 23x15px Helsinki
29th 1954 23x16px Berne
30th 1956 23x15px Lisbon
31st 1958 23x15px Stockholm
32nd 1960 23x15px Rome
33rd 1962 23x15px Santiago
34th 1964 Template:Country data JPN Tokyo
35th 1966 23x15px London
36th 1968 23x15px Guadalajara
37th 1970 23x15px Mexico
38th 1972 23x15px Paris
39th 1974 23x15px Frankfurt
40th 1976 23x15px Montreal
41st 1978 23x15px Buenos Aires
42nd 1980 23x16px Zurich
43rd 1982 23x15px Madrid
44th 1984 23x16px Zurich
45th 1986 23x15px Mexico
46th 1988 23x16px Zurich
47th 1990 23x15px Rome
48th 1992 23x16px Zurich
49th 1994 23x15px Chicago
50th 1996 23x16px Zurich
51st (details) 1998 23x15px Paris
52nd 2000 23x16px Zurich
53rd 2002 Template:Country data KOR Seoul
54th 2004 23x15px Paris
55th 2005 23x15px Marrakesh
56th 2006 23x15px Munich
57th 2007 23x16px Zurich
58th 2008 23x15px Sydney
59th 2009 23x15px Nassau
60th 2010 23x15px Johannesburg
61st (details) 2011 23x16px Zurich
62nd 2012 23x15px Budapest
63rd 2013 23x15px Mauritius
64th 2014 23x15px São Paulo
65th (details) 2015 23x16px Zürich
66th 2016 23x15px Mexico City
67th 2017 23x15px Kuala Lumpur
68th 2018 23x15px Russia

Extraordinary congresses

Extraordinary congresses have taken place in 1908 (Brussels), 1961 (London), 1999 (Los Angeles), 2001 (Buenos Aires) and in 2003 (Doha).[3]

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