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Sport Swimming, Diving, Synchronized swimming, Water polo, Open water swimming
Jurisdiction International
Founded 1908
Affiliation ASOIF
Headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland
President Dr. Julio César Maglione
Official website
Logo of FINA prior to 2008

FINA or Fédération Internationale de Natation[1] (trans: International Swimming Federation) is the International Federation (IF) recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)[2] for administering international competition in Aquatics. It is one of several IFs which administer a given sport/discipline for the IOC and/or international community. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

FINA currently oversees competition in five aquatics sports: swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo and open water swimming.[3] Beginning in 2013, high diving is an emerging discipline within FINA. FINA also oversees "Masters" competition (for adults) in its disciplines.[3]

On July 24, 2009, Julio Maglione of Uruguay was elected FINA President.[4]


FINA was founded on July 19, 1908 in the Manchester Hotel in London, UK at the end of the 1908 Summer Olympics by the Belgian, British, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian and Swedish Swimming Federations.[5]

Number of national federations by year:

  • 1908: 8
  • 1928: 38
  • 1958: 75
  • 1978: 106
  • 1988: 109
  • 2000: 174
  • 2008: 197
  • 2010: 202
  • 2012: 203
  • 2015: 208[1]


Further information: List of FINA Member Federations

At the February 2015, FINA Bureau meeting, Kosovo became the 208th national federation of FINA.[6] Members are grouped by continent, and there are 5 continental associations of which they can choose to be a member:

Note: The number following each continental name is the number of FINA members which fall into the given geographical area. It is not necessarily the number of members in the continental association.


The FINA membership meets every four years, usually coinciding with the World Championships. There are two types of normal or "ordinary" congress: General and Technical. FINA’s highest authority is the General Congress. Any technical issues concerning FINA’s five aquatic disciplines are decided by the Technical Congress. Each Congress has two voting members from each Member federation, plus the following non-voting members: the 22 members of the Bureau, the Honorary Life President, and all Honorary Members. The Technical Congress has the following additional non-voting members: all members from the respective Technical Committees.[7] "Extraordinary" Congress are also called from time to time, to deal with a specific topic or area of concern (e.g., an Extraordinary Congress was held with the 2009 World Championships to review the Masters swimming rules; there was a General Congress at the 2009 Worlds[8]). All Congress meetings are chaired by FINA's president.[7]

Between Congress meetings of the entire membership, a smaller 22-member representative board, called the FINA Bureau, meets to act in a timely manner on items which cannot wait until the entire body can meet. It is the Bureau that elects the FINA Executive Officers.[9]

Various committees and commission also help with the oversight of individual disciplines (e.g. the Technical Open Water Swimming Committee helps with open water), or topic-related issues (e.g. the FINA Doping Panel).[10]


Each presidential term is four years, beginning and concluding with the year following the Summer Olympics (i.e., 2013-2017 is the current term).

FINA Presidents
Name Country Term
George Hearn 23x15px Great Britain 1908–1924
Erik Bergvall 23x15px Sweden 1924–1928
Émile-Georges Drigny 23x15px France 1928–1932
Walther Binner 23x15px Germany 1932–1936
Harold Fern 23x15px Great Britain 1936–1948 (*)
Rene de Raeve 23x15px Belgium 1948–1952
M.L. Negri 23x15px Argentina 1952–1956
Jan de Vries 23x15px Netherlands 1956–1960
Max Ritter 23x15px Germany 1960–1964
William Berge Phillips 23x15px Australia 1964–1968
Javier Ostos Mora[11] 23x15px Mexico 1968–1972
Dr. Harold Henning 23x15px United States 1972–1976
Javier Ostos Mora (2nd term)[11] 23x15px Mexico 1976–1980
Ante Lambaša 23x15px Yugoslavia 1980–1984
Robert Helmick 23x15px United States 1984–1988
Mustapha Larfaoui 23x15px Algeria 1988–2009
Dr. Julio Maglione 23x15px Uruguay 2009–present
(re-elected in 2013)


FINA organizes one championship involving each of the five disciplines it oversees (the "World Championships"), as well championships and circuits in each of the disciplines.[12]

World Championships

The biggest FINA event is the biennial World Championships, currently held every odd year. It features competitions in all five aquatic disciplines. Prior to 2000, the event was held every 4 years, in the even year between (Summer) Olympic Games.

Discipline championships

Other events

In addition to the championships events listed above, FINA also organizes the following annual events, and sub-championships:

  • World Cups: in swimming, water polo (men's, women's), diving, high diving, open water (10Ks) and synchro.
  • Grand Prix: Annual race/competition series of multiple events in open water (races over 10-kilometers).
  • Junior Worlds: A world-level championships restricted to a younger age population (typically under-18, though can vary by discipline/gender). Held in swimming, water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming. Open Water is to begin in 2012.
  • World Men's Water Polo Development Trophy

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