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Farhad Manjoo

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Farhad Manjoo in 2008

Farhad Manjoo (born 1978) is an American journalist and author. A staff writer for Slate magazine from 2008 to 2013, he left Slate in September 2013, to join The Wall Street Journal as a technology columnist.[1] In January 2014, Manjoo became the "State of the Art" columnist for The New York Times, replacing David Pogue.[2] He has been a contributor to National Public Radio since 2009.[3]

Life and career

Manjoo was born in South Africa, which he left when he was eight years old.[4] He graduated from Cornell University in 2000. While there, he was a writer and editor-in-chief of the Cornell Daily Sun student newspaper.

He wrote for Wired News before taking a staff position at In July 2008, Manjoo accepted a job at Slate magazine writing a twice-weekly technology column. In September 2013, Manjoo joined the Wall Street Journal as a technology columnist;[1] his final column for Slate, in which he urged men to wear makeup, was published on September 20.[5]

Manjoo has written about new media,[6]politics,[7] and controversies in journalism.[8]

He is the author of the book True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-fact Society.[9][10][11]


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