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Farmakonisi (Greek: Φαρμακονήσι) is a small island of the Dodecanese, in the Aegean Sea, Greece. Alternative names are Pharmakos, Pharmacusa, Farmaco, and Pharmakousa ([1]).

Farmakonisi lies in the middle between the chain of the Dodecanese islands in the west, and the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey) in the east. To the north of it are the island of Agathonisi, to the west the islands of Leipsoi, Patmos and Leros, and to the south the islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos. It forms part of the municipality of Leros, and had a 2001 census population of 74 inhabitants.

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File:Front Arkoi Leipsoi Leros Back Agathonisi Farmakonisi Turkey coastline.jpg
Front, left to right: Arkoi, Leipsoi, Leros. Back, left to right: Agathonisi, Farmakonisi and the Turkey coastline.

Plutarch in his Parallel Lives tells that the young Julius Caesar, while travelling to Asia Minor, was kidnapped by pirates and held prisoner there 38 days. During his imprisonment he promised to them that if he were freed, he would have all of them killed. After having paid a ransom twice as high as his kidnappers claimed (since he said that the required amount was too low for someone like himself) and having been freed, he organised a fleet and maintained his promise, crucifying all of them.


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