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Federal Road Agency (Russia)

The Federal Road Transport Agency (Russian: Федеральное дорожное агентство), also known as Rosavtodor (Russian: Росавтодор), is the Russian government agency responsible for overseeing the road transport industry and Transport engineering in Russia.

Federal Road Agency is a state body responsible for initiating of special federal, scientific and technical and innovation programs and projects including the “Roads” subordinate program of the “Modernization of Russian road system (years 2002-2010)” program.[1]

Federal roads management is carried out by Federal Road Agency directly as well as through the system of federal state establishments and their branches, responsible for efficient federal roads management and for organizing of road construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance works.

Control objects are 50.700 km of Federal roads, 5560 bridges and overpasses plus all the property required to ensure uninterrupted all-the-year-round functioning of federal roads.

The total book cost of the property managed and controlled by Federal Road Agency is approximately 608.000 billion rubles.

Federal Road Agency operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, decrees by the President of the Russian Federation, decrees and resolutions issued by the Russian Government, corresponding international agreements and orders and decrees by Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The Head of Federal Road Agency is appointed or dismissed by the Russian Government at the suggestion of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.


Its headquarters are in Moscow.

Russia, Moscow, 129085, Bochkova str., 4
Tel. (495) 686-20-33
Fax (495) 686-29-88


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