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This article is about felling trees. For other uses, see Felling (disambiguation).
File:StateLibQld 1 89188 Two timber workers felling a tree on the Atherton Tableland, 1890-1900.jpg
Two fellers felling a tree on the Atherton Tableland, Queensland, Australia, 1890-1900. Image: State Library of Queensland

Felling is the process of downing individual trees,[1] an element of the task of logging. The person cutting the trees is a feller.[1]


Hand felling

In hand felling, an axe, saw, or chainsaw is used to fell a tree, followed up by limbing, bucking in traditional applications. In the modern commercial logging industry, felling is typically followed by limbing and skidding.

Feller buncher

Main article: Feller buncher

A feller-buncher is a motorized vehicle with an attachment which rapidly cuts and gathers several trees in the process of felling them.

In cut-to-length logging a harvester performs the tasks of a feller-buncher additionally doing the delimbing and bucking of the trees as well.


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