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Financial Development Index

The World Economic Forum publishes a Financial Development Index annually, which measures and analyses the factors enabling the development of financial systems among different economies. It provides a comprehensive means for economies to benchmark various aspects of their financial systems.

The Financial Development Index was developed by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the academics, international organizations and business leaders.

Financial Development Index 2012

The following is a ranking of the top 30 economies in the Financial Development Index. The full rankings can be found in the World Economic Forum's website.[1]

  1. Template:Country data Hong Kong
  2. 23x15px United States
  3. 23x15px United Kingdom
  4. 23x15px Singapore
  5. 23x15px Australia
  6. 23x15px Canada
  7. Template:Country data Japan
  8. 23x16px  Switzerland
  9. 23x15px Netherlands
  10. 23x15px Sweden
  11. 23x15px Germany
  12. 23x15px Denmark
  13. 23x15px Norway
  14. 23x15px France
  15. Template:Country data South Korea
  16. 23x15px Belgium
  17. 23x15px Finland
  18. 23x15px Malaysia
  19. 23x15px Spain
  20. Template:Country data Iceland
  21. Template:Country data Kuwait
  22. 23x15px Austria
  23. 23x15px China
  24. Template:Country data Israel
  25. 23x15px Bahrain
  26. 23x15px United Arab Emirates
  27. 23x15px Portugal
  28. 23x15px South Africa
  29. 23x15px Chile
  30. 23x15px Italy


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