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Flaming Brothers

Flaming Brothers
Film poster
Traditional 江湖龍虎鬥
Simplified 江湖龙虎斗
Mandarin Jiāng Hú Lóng Hǔ Dòu
Cantonese Gong1 Wu4 Lung4 Fu2 Dau3
Directed by Joe Cheung
Produced by Alan Tang
Screenplay by Wong Kar-wai
Starring Chow Yun-fat
Alan Tang
Pat Ha
Jenny Tseng
Patrick Tse
James Yi
Philip Chan
Norman Chu
Music by Violet Lam
Stephen Shing
The Melody Bank
Bruton Music
Cinematography Jingle Ma
Edited by Poon Hung
In-Gear Film
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
30 July 1987 (1987-07-30)
Running time
102 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$15,741,778

Flaming Brothers is a 1987 Hong Kong crime romance film directed by Joe Cheung and starring Chow Yun-fat, Alan Tang, Pat Ha and Jenny Tseng. The film was shot in Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand.


Alan Chan (Alan Tang) and Cheung Ho Tin (Chow Yun-fat) are orphans wandering in the streets of Macau who became sworn brothers together, they make a living by stealing. One day, while Tin was stealing food in a church, he is discovered by Ho Ka Hei (Pat Ha), who encourages him not to steal and subsequently brings food to him and his friends everyday until one day, when Ka Hei was adopted and the two farewell in tears. Alan and Tin struggles very hard and finally succeeds and become triad leaders. During a gang warfare, Alan and Tin kill Chiu, the underling of a major Macau triad leader Ko Lo Sei (Patrick Tse). Ko mobilizes his men to seek revenge but the strong-willed Alan strikes back. Then, the cunning Ko pretends to reconcile with Alan and provides news for Alan to traffick arms in Thailand. However, the arms dealer turns out to be Ko's rival Uncle Pui and Alan nearly lost his life. With his extraordinary courage, Alan gains Pui's trust and successfully makes business. At the same time, Alan also meets Macau singer Jenny and falls in love with her and brings her back to Macau. While Alan was highlighting danger in Thailand, Tin re-encounters Ka Hei in a Catholic school and after lay each other's heart bare, they get engaged. However, Ka Hei requests Tin to leave the underworld and wants to lead a peaceful life in Hong Kong. Tin summons his courage to tell Alan about this, but Alan, while preparing big business with Tin, becomes enraged. Having to choose between his lover and his brother, Tin sadly leaves Alan. When Ko discovers that Alan safely returned from Thailand, he falls out with him and annexes all his purchased arms, formally declaring war with Alan. Later, Alan falls into Ko's trap and becomes encircled where his underlings are fully wiped out and Jenny is also killed from protecting him. Alan decides to single-handedly deal with Ko. In Hong Kong, Tin hears news of it and leaves his beloved wife and returns to Macau to fight with Ko alongside Alan in a gunfight where after a fierce battle, the trio dies together.


  • Alan Tang as Alan Chan
  • Chow Yun-fat as Cheung Ho Tin
  • Pat Ha as Ho Ka Hei
  • Jenny Tseng as Jenny
  • Patrick Tse as Ko Lo Sei
  • James Yi as Richard Lui
  • Philip Chan as Police Commissioner Chan
  • Norman Chu as Chiu
  • Fong Yau as Uncle Pui
  • Wong Kim Fung as Tai Fung
  • Lau Shung Fung as Sai Fung
  • Tam Yat Ching as Uncle Mosquito
  • Tam Chuen Hing as Triad boss at negotiation table
  • Kam Biu as Triad boss at negotiation table
  • Yue Man Wa as Triad boss at negotiation table
  • Ko Hung as Brother Hung
  • Pa San as Ko's bodyguard
  • Steve Mak as Ko's bodyguard
  • Hung San Nam as Ko's bodyguard
  • Tang Tai Wo as Ko's bodyguard
  • Kan Tat Wah as Inspector Law
  • Soh Hang-suen as Sister Lucia
  • Felix Lok as Man at convenience store
  • Joe Cheung as Alan's man outside Chiu's pub
  • Chun Wong as Street vendor
  • Cheung Chok Chow as Bread street vendor
  • Jeffrey Ho as Mr. Wong
  • Sai Kwa Pau as Resident of old folks home
  • Cheung Hei as Resident of old folks home
  • Chin Tsi-ang as Resident of old folks home
  • Sze To On as Resident of old folks home
  • Chan Lap Ban as Resident of old folks home
  • Stanley Tong as Hitman in Thailand
  • Sam Wong as Hitman in Thailand
  • Alex Ng as Chiu's man
  • Wo Seung as Chiu's man
  • Wong Chi Ming as Chiu's man
  • Sing Yan as Brother Hung's man
  • Yiu Man Kei as Ko's man
  • Choi Kwok Keung as Ko's man
  • Poon Kin Kwan as Ko's man
  • Tang Chiu Yan as Ko's man
  • Chan Ming Wai as Alan's man
  • Chun Kwai Bo as Alan's man
  • To Wai Wo as Ko's horse trainer
  • Ho Chi Moon as Club customer
  • Wong Ka Leung
  • Wong Chi Keung

Theme song

  • I Am Just a Person (我祇是個人)

Box office

The film grossed HK$15,741,778 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run 30 July to 18 August 1987 in Hong Kong.

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