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Flemish American

Flemish Americans
Total population
12,111 (2000)[1]
American English, Flemish
Roman Catholicism

Flemish Americans are Americans of Flemish descent and a subgroup of Belgian Americans. In the 2000 census, 12,111 American identified themselves as being of full or partial Flemish ancestry.


On 13 August 1914, a Flemish-language newspaper, Gazette van Detroit, was founded by Belgian emigrants in Detroit. As of 2014, the newspaper is still in publication.[2]

Notable Flemish-Americans

  • George W. Goethals, the builder of the Panama Canal. He was born in 1858 in Brooklyn, N.Y. of Flemish parentage. He was the son of John Louis and Marie LeBarron, who emigrated to the United States from Stekene, near Ghent in 1850.
  • Frank Oz, a noted puppeteer of partial Flemish ancestry.

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