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Food and drink in Manchester

This article is about the Food and drink of Manchester


Manchester has a range of restaurants, bars, and clubs, spanning the famous "Curry Mile" in Rusholme to traditional 'grub', Chinatown, modern bars and bistros at Deansgate Locks in the city centre. In addition to these there are many independent fast food retailers throughout Manchester. There are now many top class restaurants.[citation needed]

There is a Hard Rock Cafe, chain restaurants such as Wagamama and bars that include Waxy O'Connors and The Living Room. The coffee chain Starbucks has 12 outlets in a 2 mile radius. Other, independent restaurants, bars and clubs can be found in the Northern Quarter area of the city centre. Chains such as The Living Room, Revolution Vodka Bar, La Tasca, Est Est Est, and Restaurant, Bar and Grill all started in the city before being introduced to other cities across the UK.

Despite Manchester's prowess in culture, sport, literature, science, music, theatre - the city does not have a Michelin star restaurant which has been a source of bemusement and disappointment for critics.[1][2]

Beer and Breweries

Manchester is also famous for its beer, despite the closure of the Boddingtons brewery in 2005. Keg 'Boddies' is brewed by Interbrew in Luton but cask Boddingtons continues to be brewed in the city by Hydes brewery in Moss Side. Hydes is a long established independent brewery. Another Manchester brewer is Joseph Holt, whose Derby Brewery in Cheetham is just city. There are also a notable number of microbreweries producing smaller quantities of high quality beer, cider and perry.

Breweries in the cities of Manchester and Salford which closed within the last twenty years include Wilson's, whose Newton Heath brewery closed in the late 1980s, and Whitbread/Chester's in Salford.


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