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Full mouth ultrasonic debridement

Full mouth ultrasonic debridement is a treatment modality used in dentistry, specifically to treat Periodontitis. In contrast to the alternative treatment modality Scaling and root planing the aim of treatment is to disturb the bacterial biofilm within the periodontal pocket without removing cementum. Typically root planing will require use of hand instruments such as specialized dental curettes, while ultrasonic debridement relies on ultrasonic scaler tips to debride the root surface and periodontal pocket.

The advantages of full mouth ultrasonic debridement include speed/reduced treatment time, reduced need for anaesthesia, with equivalent results.

The rationale for FMUD is that bacterial contamination of root surfaces is limited in depth so extensive planing away of cementum as advocated by traditional techniques like Scaling and root planing is not necessary to allow periodontal healing and the formation of new attachment.[1]


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