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GT4 European Series

GT4 European Series
Category Grand Tourer (GT4)
Country Europe
Inaugural season 2007
Tyre suppliers Hankook
Drivers' champion 23x15px Bernhard van Oranje
23x15px Ricardo van der Ende
Makes' champion 23x15px Racing Team Holland by Ekris Motorsport
Official website GT4 European Series
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The GT4 European Series, formerly known as both GT4 European Cup is a sports car championship created and organized by the Stéphane Ratel Organisation (SRO). It is an amateur championship which followed a formula similar to the FIA GT3 European Championship, which was itself derived from the FIA GT Championship which utilized the GT1 and GT2 classes. The GT4 class cars are the least powerful of the four classes, yet are equalized in order to allow driving skill to become key.


Following the successful introduction of the FIA GT3 European Championship in 2006, the formula was expanded to include usage by other nationally-based professional championships such as the British GT Championship, Belcar, Australian GT Championship and German ADAC GT Masters. While the FIA GT3 European Championship continues, the SRO felt that a true amateur championship was needed in order to complement GT3 which allowed a certain level of professional driver to compete. Many national series also adopted the GT4 regulations as a lower class, and the European Cup eventually lacked the competitors needed to continue.


GT4 class cars are mostly what can be referred to as track day cars, which are factory-built race cars available to the public. However, custom-built cars based on production models can also be built by teams. All cars are test driven by the FIA and then modified so that they all have near identical performance levels. Once a car has been approved by the FIA, it cannot be modified by the teams, eliminating continual development costs for constructors. All cars run on regulated Pirelli tires and Continental tires to further equalize performance.

The following cars are currently homologated for GT4:


Like GT3, GT4 drivers have a set of criteria which would automatically eliminate them from competition based on their level of experience. Since GT4 class drivers are meant to be true amateurs, these criteria are tighter than that seen in GT3.

Drivers under the age of 30 are not allowed to have had a top-ten finish in any national or international single-seater championship, nor to have had a distinguishable career in a national or international GT championship. These drivers are known as Silver drivers. Drivers over the age of 30 who did not receive their racing licenses until after turning 30 and having no single-seater experience at all are also allowed in the series, under the term Bronze drivers.


Just as in GT3, each event would consist of two races of equal distance, usually held on different days. Teams were not required to have two drivers and could use the same driver for each race.


The championship used the standard FIA point scheme for the top eight finishers: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. If a team used different drivers for each race in a single event, both drivers would receive points. A driver and team championship were both held.

If at least five cars of the same make participate in a race, then a manufacturer cup would also be awarded, similar to the style used in GT3.


Season Class Drivers Champion(s) Teams Champion
2007 GT4 23x15px Eric de Doncker not awarded
2008 GT4 23x15px Eric de Doncker 23x15px Motorsport98
Light 23x15px Christopher Haase
2009 GT4 23x15px Joe Osborne 23x15px RJN Motorsport
Supersport 23x15px Augustin Eder
2010 GT4 23x15px Paul Meijer 23x15px Rhesus Racing
Supersport 23x15px Gianni Giudici
2011 GT4 23x15px Ricardo van der Ende 23x15px Racing Team Holland by Ekris Motorsport
Supersport 23x15px Gianni Giudici
2012 Not held
2013 PRO 23x15px Ricardo van der Ende 23x15px Ekris Motorsport
AM 23x15px Jörg Viebahn
2014 PRO 23x15px Bernhard van Oranje
23x15px Ricardo van der Ende
23x15px Racing Team Holland by Ekris Motorsport
AM 23x15px André Grammatico

Similar series

Since the introduction of the GT4 European Cup, the GT4 class of cars have been expanded to various national series. The British GT Championship and Belgian GT Championship allow GT4 and Super Sport class cars to compete alongside the GT3 class, while the stand-alone Dutch GT4 Championship ran its first season of competition 2009.[3] A GT4 championship plans to be run in Brazil in 2010.[4] Norway introduced a National Championship called GTF in 2014 featuring GT4 regulated cars.


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