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Gamma Alpha Omega

Gamma Alpha Omega
Founded January 25, 1993
Arizona State University
Type Service
Scope National
Motto Nos Una Crescemus (United We Will Grow)
Colors Navy Blue, Forest Green and White
Symbol White Bengal Tiger with blue eyes
Flower White Thornless Rose
Philanthropy Education (Mentoring Youth)
Chapters 26
Jewels White Diamond, Blue Sapphire and Green Emerald
Headquarters P.O. Box 427
Tempe, Arizona, USA

Gamma Alpha Omega (ΓΑΩ) is a Latina-founded Greek letter intercollegiate sorority founded on January 25, 1993 on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

The organization is dedicated to promoting the achievement and quest of higher education amongst all women. The pillars of the sorority are honesty, integrity, leadership, scholarship and unity. The sorority is a member of the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO). Gamma Alpha Omega was recognized nationally with the founding of Gamma Chapter, at the University of Washington on January 24, 1997. April 2001 marked a milestone for Gamma Alpha Omega, when the organization was officially recognized as an incorporated entity in the state of Arizona.

National Founding Madres

  • Michelle Seanez
  • Amy Alvarez
  • Patsy Guardado
  • Clara Lopez

National Founding Charters

  • Annette Escalante
  • Valerie Mendoza
  • Roxana Quinones
  • Sandra Saenz

National Alumnae Association

The National Alumnae Association (NAA) is a collective of Gamma Alpha Omega alumnae across the nation. The NAA is composed of six regions—Northwest, Southwest, Midwest North, Midwest South, Northeast and Southeast. National Alumnae participate in programming and activities at both the regional and national levels, and are reserved special privileges at both levels.