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Type Hangwa
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Glutinous rice, honey, malt, puffed cereal
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Gangjeong (강정,强情),Gyeonbyeong(견병,繭餠)is a Korean traditional confectionery (hangwa) popular with women as a low calorie snack. A mixture of glutinous rice, honey and malt is boiled then a puffed cereal is mixed in. The mixture is scraped out onto a wooden board with sides and rolled flat with a rolling pin. It is cut into various sizes. Other ingredients such as roasted peanut halves, pine nuts, raisins or sesame seeds may be added; one variety has black sesame seed instead of puffed cereal. It is a tasty, not too sweet snack.[1] Gangjeong is often served during important events such as weddings, ancestral rites, and lunar new year days (Seollal).[1]

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