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Dysplastic Cerebellar Ganglioglioma (Lhermitte-Duclos disease)
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ICD-O M9505/1
NCI Ganglioglioma
Patient UK Ganglioglioma
MeSH D018303

Ganglioglioma is a tumour that arises from ganglion cells in the central nervous system.[1] Gangliogliomas and ganglioneuromas are slow growing benign tumors that mostly affect children and young adults.


The term "gangliocytoma" is sometimes equated with ganglioglioma. However, it is also sometimes equated with ganglioneuroma.[2] In this context, the glial nature of the tumor is de-emphasized. The term "gangliocytoma" is sometimes used to imply that the tumor is entirely neuronal.[3] While Gangliogliomas are most well known as occurring in the temporal lobe of the brain, they also occur in the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and regions of the thalamus and third ventricle. They also occur in the cerebellum and in the spinal cord. Gangliogliomas in the brain are often associated with seizures. They are the second most common cause of spinal cord tumors in children. They are usually either purely cystic or cystic with solid components, but may be solid. Calcification is frequently present and contrast enhancement on CT or MRI is variable. Because gangliogliomas are composed of both glial and neural elements, they may undergo malignant degeneration. When neuronal elements make up the majority of the mass, the neoplasm is referred to as a ganglioneuroma. In contrast, gangliocytomas are composed of mature ganglion cells and therefore have no potential for malignant change.[citation needed]

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