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Gaoshan tea

Gaoshan tea

Other names:Kao-shan tea
High Mountain tea

Quick description:

Gaoshan tea (Chinese: 高山茶; pinyin: gāoshān chá) refers to Oolong tea grown in the alpine tea zones of Taiwan. It is grown at altitudes higher than 1000 meters above sea level, where the air is clear. Taiwan's unique island geography with high mountain ranges at its center, where there's high humidity and natural precipitation, makes it a most suitable environment for growing tea.

Distinction of Tea

Gaoshan tea are usually handplucked and are grown slowly due to the lack of air in high altitudes. Hence, the yield of Gaoshan tea are really low every year. There are two kinds of Gaoshan tea based on the season, there are the Winter Gaoshan harvested during late October and Spring Gaoshan Tea which is harvested during the middle of June. Both types of Gaoshan tea are a representation of the new harvesting season and the end.

Health Benefits

It has an abundant of antioxidants and polyphenols to help reduce weight and cholesterols. It also helps prevent Halitosis and it has a natural energy booster and stimulant.

Harvesting Process

It takes about 36 to 40 hours to produce a batch of Gaoshan Tea and if weather allows, the handplucked teas are spread on top of a tarp to produce the aroma profiles such as jasmine, rose and geranium. The tea is folded to bruise the leaf for oxidation and is then transferred to another tray to ferment and wither for eight hours. It is then packaged as "Handkerchief teas" where farmers emphasize on the quality of the tea rather than the quantity.

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