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Gate River Run

Gate River Run
Gate River Run logo
Date the second Saturday of March
Location downtown Jacksonville, Florida
Event type Road race
Distance 15 kilometer
Established 1978
Course records Men: 42:22 (1995)
Todd Williams
Women: 47:03 (2014)
Shalane Flanagan
Official site

The Gate River Run (GRR), formerly known as the Jacksonville River Run, is an annual 15 kilometer road running event in Jacksonville, Florida that attracts both competitive and recreational runners. It has been the US National Championship 15K since 1994 and in 2007 became the largest 15K race in the country. It "was voted [as] one of the top US Road Races for last 20 years by Runner's World Magazine."[1] Local news media describe it as "one of Jacksonville's premiere annual events."[2]


The race was first held in 1978 when it was known as the Jacksonville River Run. The initial sponsor of the race was the Florida Publishing Co., which published the Florida Times-Union and Jacksonville Journal. An inspiration for the race was the Peachtree Road Race, a 10,000 meter road race sponsored for several years by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. An initial planning meeting was held at the Jacksonville YMCA, with representatives of the Y, the newspaper and members of the Jacksonville Track Club. The 15,000-meter distance was proposed, to distinguish the race from the Atlanta race and the plethora of 10K road races then spreading across the country as a result of the running boom. The course crosses two major bridges spanning the St. Johns River, giving the race its name.[3]

Running legend Bill Rodgers, who is a four-time winner of both the New York City and Boston Marathons, won the first River Run. He was invited by the organizers, pending an appearance fee of $1,000, which was an under-the-table payment because of the amateur status of so many world-class athletes at that time. There was no other appearance or prize money offered. Rodgers' powerful victory helped catapult the event into the national running consciousness. On the women's side, Kim Merritt, a national-class runner in a period when women were first beginning to be taken seriously at longer distances, took home the distaff honors.[4]

Gate Petroleum became the underwriting sponsor in 1994.[5] Todd Williams holds the American 15K record with a time of 42:22 at the 1995 GRR, which he won five times.[6] Deena Drossin, who has won the GRR six times, holds the women's record with 47:15 at the GRR in 2003.[7]

An equalizer was added in 2004. The difference in time between the women's and men's 15K national records was 4:53,[7] so the elite women runners got a five minute head start on the elite men. The first finisher, man or woman, receives a $5,000 bonus.[6] Even so, the women had only won the prize once (in 2007). In 2012, the equilizer was increased to 6:35, and Janet Cherobon won the $5,000 bonus that year and in 2013.

Race details

In 2013, total prize money exceeded $85,000, including bonus money for record-breaking performances. The event has more prize money than any major non-marathon event in the United States. There are separate but equal awards for men and women individuals, teams and masters (over 40).

Individual Awards
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
$12,000 $5,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $900 $800 $700 $600 $500

Bonus Awards
$5,000 Equalizer First male or female finisher
$10,000 World Record Race winner
$5,000 American Record Race winner
$3,000 Course Record Race winner
$200 Florida Cup Fastest male & female resident of Florida
$100 First Coast Cup Fastest male & female resident Duval, Clay, Nassau or St. Johns

Live bands perform at locations along the race course and the finish line is beside Everbank Field. Special running caps are given to the top 10 percent of racers and medals are given to all 15K finishers.[8][9]

There is a 3-day runner's expo, with dozens of vendor representatives promoting running and health-related products. Seminars with running themes are presented; typical topics are:[10] Hydration and Nutrition, Foot and Ankle Injuries, Shin Splits and Shoe Fitting, Basic Injury Care. Bill Rodgers was a special guest at the expo in 2013, talking about running and signing autographs.[11]

Following the race, Publix supermarkets hosts a celebration at the fairgrounds.

In 2013, 17,454 people registered for the race, with 15,569 runners actually completing it.[6][12] The winner was Ben True from Hanover, New Hampshire with a time of 43:38. The fastest woman in 2013 was Janet Cherobon-Bawcom, from Rome, Georgia at 49:44.[8] The related races, the Florida Times-Union 5K Run & Walk for Charity, and the one-mile Junior River Run had 2,041 and 1,873 participants, respectively.[8]

Doug Alred, who has served as race director for 31 of the 36 years of the race, said that 2013 was the 11th consecutive year of record entries.[8]


As of 2010, there were 46 streakers, defined as an individual who has completed every River run.[13] Prior to the 2013 race, the number had dropped to 42, as age and injuries took its inevitable toll. During that race, one of those collapsed with a heart attack, but was given CPR by firefighters who were also running the race, and was revived with a defibrillator from a quickly responding emergency unit.[14]

Hall of Fame

The Gate River Run Hall of Fame was established in 2002 and is permanently located in the Riverplace Tower, on the southbank in downtown Jacksonville. Memorabilia dating from the race's inception in 1978 up to the present is on display and a five minute video gives visitors an overview of the race. Plaques for each of the 14 persons inducted into the HOF are on display.[13]

Past winners[15]

Key:       Course record

Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1978 23x15px Bill Rodgers (USA) 44:46 23x15px Kim Merritt (USA) 55:46
1979 23x15px Jerry Odlin (GBR) 46:04 23x15px Joan Benoit (USA) 51:47
1980 23x15px Bob Hodge (USA) 44:54 23x15px Jennifer White (USA) 53:11
1981 23x15px Dan Dillon (USA) 43:34 23x15px Patti Catalano (USA) 49:33
1982 Template:Country data KEN 43:33 23x15px Wendy Sly (GBR) 49:52
1983 23x15px Nick Rose (GBR) 43:42 23x15px Charlotte Teske (GER) 50:17
1984 23x15px Gidamis Shahanga (TAN) 42:54 23x15px Midde Hamrin (SWE) 50:12
1985 Template:Country data KEN 43:26 23x15px Betty Springs (USA) 49:25
1986 23x15px Arturo Barrios (MEX) 43:18 23x15px Grete Waitz (NOR) 48:53
1987 23x15px Arturo Barrios (MEX) 43:00 23x15px Grete Waitz (NOR) 49:05
1988 23x15px Steve Spence (USA) 43:20 23x15px Lynn Jennings (USA) 50:02
1989 23x15px John Halvorsen (NOR) 43:12 23x15px Cathy O'Brien (USA) 49:45
1990 23x15px Ed Eyestone (USA) 43:58 23x15px Francie Larue Smith (USA) 49:39
1991 23x15px Steve Spence (USA) 43:41 23x15px Francie Larue Smith (USA) 48:43
1992 23x15px Valdenor dos Santos (BRA) 43:42 23x15px Olga Markova (RUS) 49:20
1993 Template:Country data KEN 43:59 23x15px Gwyn Coogan (USA) 51:26
1994 23x15px Todd Williams (USA) 43:42 23x15px Anne Marie Letko (USA) 49:27
1995 23x15px Todd Williams (USA) 42:22 NR 23x15px Cathy O'Brien (USA) 48:56
1996 23x15px Todd Williams (USA) 43:49 23x15px Lynn Jennings (USA) 49:45
1997 23x15px Joe LeMay (USA) 43:35 23x15px Lynn Jennings (USA) 50:13
1998 23x15px Todd Williams (USA) 44:06 23x15px Jennifer Rhines (USA) 51:00
1999 23x15px Todd Williams (USA) 43:59 23x15px Lynn Jennings (USA) 50:05
2000 23x15px Dan Browne (USA) 44:26 23x15px Deena Drossin (USA) 49:40
2001 23x15px Meb Keflezighi (USA) 43:16 23x15px Deena Drossin (USA) 49:09
2002 23x15px Meb Keflezighi (USA) 42:49 23x15px Deena Drossin (USA) 48:12
2003 23x15px Meb Keflezighi (USA) 43:31 23x15px Deena Drossin (USA) 47:15
2004 23x15px Meb Keflezighi (USA) 43:18 23x15px Colleen De Reuck (USA) 49:02
2005 23x15px Ryan Shay (USA) 43:50 23x15px Jennifer Rhines (USA) 49:21
2006 23x15px Meb Keflezighi (USA) 43:41 23x15px Blake Russell (USA) 49:14
2007 23x15px Meb Keflezighi (USA) 43:39 23x15px Deena Kastor (USA) 47:20
2008 23x15px Andrew Carlson (USA) 44:10 23x15px Deena Kastor (USA) 49:34
2009 23x15px Anthony Famiglietti (USA) 43:36 23x15px Amy Yoder-Begley (USA) 49:51
2010 23x15px Mo Trafeh (USA) 42:58 23x15px Katie McGregor (USA) 49:51
2011 23x15px Mo Trafeh (USA) 42:58 23x15px Jennifer Rhines (USA) 49:31
2012 23x15px Christo Landry (USA) 44:37 23x15px Janet Cherobon (USA) 49:41
2013 23x15px Ben True (USA) 43:38 23x15px Janet Cherobon (USA) 49:44
2014 23x15px Ben True (USA) 43:04 23x15px Shalane Flanagan (USA) 47:00 NR
2015 23x15px Ben True (USA) 44:03 23x15px Christine Ramsey (USA) 49:41


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