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Georgian Superliga

Georgian Superliga
Sport Basketball
Founded 1991
No. of teams 8
Country 23x15px Georgia
Continent 23x15px FIBA Europe
Most recent champion(s) Dinamo Tbilisi
Most titles BC Vita Tbilisi (7 titles)
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The Georgian Basketball Super League (Georgian: საკალათბურთო სუპერლიგა, Sakalatburto Superliga), also known as the Georgian Top League, is the highest professional basketball league in Georgia. The first season was played in 1991, and was won by Dinamo Tbilisi. The 1990s were dominated by BC Vita Tbilisi, who won the title a record 7 times. BC Batumi, and then Energy Invest Rustavi, dominated the following decade. More recently, the league was dominated by clubs attached to State departments, with first BC Armia (Ministry of Defense) establishing themselves as the country's leading club, and later BC MIA Academy(Ministry of Internal Affairs) winning the title. [1]

2013/14 was the first season when none of the country's universities were represented in the Superliga. This followed the decision by the Ministry of Education to withdraw funding from professional sports teams.[2] That season saw Dinamo Tbilisi regain the title in a convincing manner, making them the defending champions.

Teams for the 2014/15 Season


Year Winner Runner-up Score
1991 Dinamo Tbilisi
1992 Dinamo Tbilisi <center>
1993 BC Vita Tbilisi Merani Tbilisi <center>2-0
1994 BC Vita Tbilisi BC Tbilisi <center>2-1
1995 BC Vita Tbilisi Kaktusi Tbilisi <center>2-1
1996 BC Vita Tbilisi Dinamo Tbilisi <center>2-1
1997 BC Vita Tbilisi Dinamo Tbilisi <center>2–0
1998 BC Vita Tbilisi <center>
1999 BASCO Batumi Azoti Rustavi <center>3-1
2000 BASCO Batumi <center>
2001 BASCO Batumi BC STU Tbilisi <center>2–0
2002 BASCO Batumi Dinamo Tbilisi <center>3-0
2003 Dinamo Tbilisi BASCO Batumi <center>3-2
2004 BASCO Batumi Dinamo Tbilisi <center>3–2
2005 BC Vita Tbilisi Aviamsheni Tbilisi <center>3-2
2006 Aviamsheni Tbilisi Azoti Rustavi <center>3-2
2007 Azoti Rustavi Aviamsheni Tbilisi <center>3-0
2008 Energy Invest Rustavi Aviamsheni Tbilisi <center>3-1
2009 Energy Invest Rustavi GSAU Tbilisi <center>3–0
2010 Energy Invest Rustavi BC TSU Tbilisi <center>3–1
2011 BC Armia BC TSU Tbilisi <center>3-1
2012 BC Armia BC Olimpi Tbilisi <center>3-1
2013 BC MIA Academy BC Olimpi Tbilisi <center>3-2
2014 Dinamo Tbilisi Kutaisi-2010 <center>3–1


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