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Gerard Le Feuvre

Gerard Le Feuvre [1] (born 1962 in Jersey, Channel Islands) is a British musician. He is the son of Jersey business man Brian Le Feuvre and Carole, and has 2 sisters, Caryn and Michele, and 1 brother, Christian.

He is an alumnus of acclaimed academies including the Royal Academy of Music in London, the Banff School of Performing Arts in Canada and the Sibelius Academy in Finland. Le Feuvre is a cellist and has won many accolades for his performances, the first of which was the CBS Records Award in the Royal Society of Arts competition back in 1980, when only 18 years. He was still a student at this time.

Le Feuvre founded Kings Chamber Orchestra of London in 1985.[citation needed]

In 2007 the States of Jersey undertook to find a new anthem by means of an open competition. The final judging of the competition took place with a public performance of the short-listed pieces on 30 April 2008. The winner of the competition was declared to be "Island Home" composed by Gerard Le Feuvre. The States will take the decision on whether to ratify the adoption of a new anthem in the light of public reaction to the results of the competition.[1]


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